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16 Jun 2022 07:20:18
Hi eds. Hope all is well.
Was wondering if there was any interest in any players utd have made available?


{Ed002's Note - Not much, Henderson and Dalot. It will ramp up with agents knocking on doors.}.

1.) 16 Jun 2022 09:44:28
Hi Ed, I was under the impression Dalot was being kept but AWB would be made available. Has something changed or have I just got it wrong?

{Ed002's Note - I was asked about interest - there is interest in Dalot and as far as I know could be sold if a suitable replacement is found.}



14 Nov 2021 08:39:00
Duncan Castles reporting utd trying to convince Zidane.
Other reports rodgers house hunting in Cheshire and has verbally agreed to take over.
What are peoples thoughts?
I think rodgers would suit united's structure they have in place ( all be it a shakey one )
Very impressed with ten hag but he has a great team at ajax.
Always fancied poch for the utd job but would he be willing to work with how we are set up.
Personally think ragnik for 6 months and then moved to a advisory role would be the way to go but he would want to shake things up, unfortunately the powers to be won't want that.


1.) 14 Nov 2021 09:45:11
The club has options, which option is best depends on your perspective.

Like Red Man has said it seems Murtagh and Fletcher were chosen for their roles not on their past experience or expertise but to support the manager. That is the problem with places the cart before the horse.

The club had a similar issue trying to appoint a DoF when Jose was manager as they seemed to be trying to find a candidate that would work well with Jose specifically rather than finding the right candidate for the clubs vision.

Maybe that is why people like Southgate feature highly on the clubs wanted list. A manager who is similar to Solskjaer. Maybe his profile suits Murtagh and Fletcher as they were brought in to work with Ole, so it makes sense they look to hire someone similar to who they have worked well with in the past. At least from their perspective.

Someone like Rangnick could be an excellent option to come in and start to set the team up how he thinks they should be. He then moves into the DoF role and hires a manager with a similar philosophy to him making the transition between managers much more fluid. He'd probably look to someone like Marco Rose or Jesse Marsch.

Another option would be Erik Ten Hag, his style of play and his philosophy also closely align with our club. Offensive football, trust in youth, development of players. While maybe his more dominating technical style of play is possibly better suited to a club of our size. Ideally this option would see VDS come in and replace Ed Woodward and Marc Overmars replace Murtagh and Fletcher. Giving the club a better balance between football club and business.

Or there is the option of keeping Murtagh and Fletcher, replacing Ed Woodward with Richard Arnold (his mini-me) then looking for a manager who fits that set up. Ideally by the sounds of it someone who won't rock the boat or upset the apple cart.

Personally I think the VDS, Overmars and EtH route is best as it not only brings in possibly one of the best options for a new manager, it also goes someway to fixing the imbalance at our club and gives us hope that we will be run as a football club more than as a trust fund.

The ironic thing is the more successful the club is the greater the clubs scope is to make money. Meaning the trust fund performs better. Also a better run football club would not only make more money, but potentially save expenditure by properly running the youth set up to feed directly into the first team. Reducing the need for a bloated squad of players on high wages, while also potentially reducing the need to splash out huge fees on as many signings.

Look at clubs like Leicester who on a fraction of the budget have won the FA cup and the League in the past 9 years. A well run club can achieve success on half of what we have spent.

2.) 14 Nov 2021 09:55:01
First choice the Ajax trio . Overmars, VD Sar, Ten hag -pipe dream never going to happen.

second choice Rangnick - let him come in coach the team until the summer then let him appoint a manager and coaches with the same vison and he can move upstairs and have full control of football matters. playing style, academy, recruitment of players, selling of players . The current Ajax model really . also never going to happen

3rd choice Appointment of Poch or Rodgers both better than Ole both respectable choices but not a patch on option one or two.

3.) 14 Nov 2021 10:18:02
The challenge with option 1 is you can’t just lift a whole club’s infrastructure (as in Ajax’s) in a two week international break mid season. If that is the best long term option (and I’m not sure it is) and if that is the way the club will go, then that is a summer job.

Either way, leaves us with the question of what to do with OGS now? That’s why he’s sticking around for the season in my opinion.

4.) 14 Nov 2021 10:33:00
I think out of the rumoured names I'd be happiest with Rogers. Poch is still to win anything, but is a nice guy (sound familiar? ) .
I am a little wary that those who seem most in favour, Ten Hag and Rogers, have 'smaller' clubs with brilliant structures. How would they fare in ours? Leicester have been forced to find the likes of Kante, Soyuncu, Fofana, Daka, Soumare et al. Maybe it's because of the smaller set-up that it does work.
Would love the Ajax dreamteam but so many reasons it wouldn't work, least of all Ajax not allowing it. We might get Ten Hag alone, but it's the structure that makes it successful. Even then if we did things their way, it would take time. That Ajax team has been painstakingly put together from the ground up, meaning that even when they lose 4-5 top players in recent years as they have, they still look incredible.
Not convinced by Zidane but who knows. The communication barrier can be overcome (see Bielsa) and we have a few French players for now at least, even if two are always on the brink of leaving.
Whatever happens it seems only Zidane is available now, and probably isn't keen on a six-month contract while we wait for a preferred target them replace him, unless he has clear goals and is reworded with a longer contract if he meets them. Sounds familiar.

5.) 14 Nov 2021 10:34:15
Bfbw, that's probably my order of preference too.

6.) 14 Nov 2021 11:49:43
Spenno- I think the Leicester set up is also a good one behind the scenes- the recruitment of players is as you say very very good. I wonder if we got Rodgers would his philosophy change from still scouting (obvioulsy LCFC has a network team doing this) in the same markets or would he only look at the "big names" to play at UTD.

Its something that's always intrigued me, would UTD fans be happy seeing an unknown Kante, Fofana, soyuncu arrive and get behind them when they expect a Varane or Rice - I wonder if this affects a managers choices when moving to a bigger club?

7.) 14 Nov 2021 11:57:53

I agree with your post as they would also be my preference in order of appointment.

8.) 14 Nov 2021 12:58:04
Bfbw, I think the Leicester set up is excellent. They know what they want and they have a great network set up.

That said I don't think it's something we could replicate at United. Our club, and the expectations of players coming into our club and what we need in a player.

At Leicester they can afford to try and pick out those rough diamonds, then spend a couple of season's polishing them up and developing them into superstars.

While for those players a club like Leicester offers a perfect stepping stone. A club with pedigree of developing players, an atmosphere that doesn't place huge pressure on them, while still at a level where they can complete against the best.

If a club like ours came in for players like Fofana then the price would be twice what Leicester paid. Then there is expectations that he hits the ground running and does well immediately. That atmosphere probably isn't best suited to players at that level.

It's a massive step to go from a small provincial Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 club with a stadium that holds 10-15k people to playing in the EPL for Manchester United at a packed Old Trafford.

Same thing with Jude Bellingham, he is able to make that step at Dortmund without the same pressure or expectancy. He plays regularly, at a club that has a great record of developing players, and he plays at a great level.

If he signed for us he'd have played maybe 10-12 games at most and would be looking for a loan like Amad.

Our club has to look for those half-polished diamonds, players who are ready to step up to the highest level and perform consistently at that level.

A player like Fofana or Maddison would have had the same trouble playing regularly as Bailly or Lingard have had at United. Two players with a similar level of ability when they started playing for United as Fofana and Maddison had when they signed for Leicester.

9.) 14 Nov 2021 13:24:33
You make some good points there Shappy I think the expectation level on a player coming to O. T is huge and is worth considering -Rice is another player living in his home city and has been able to mature at WHU, a big move 2 yearsa go might not have benefited him.

10.) 14 Nov 2021 18:55:49
No point bringing in Rodgers if you don't bring in the team in Leicester that identify and make decisions on recruitment.

Rodgers isn't the man for me but he and his coaching staff are a significant upgrade on Ole and his team.
I still think the Lad at West Ham is doing a cracking job.

11.) 14 Nov 2021 19:00:41
I would go for Bielsa if I could pick anyone. At least OT would be fun plus no way Pogba survives Murder all.

12.) 15 Nov 2021 09:29:36
Oakbark, we don't need the Leicester recruitment team. We just need a competent scouting network, have a clear idea about what we want, and have good quality negotiators.

While Rodgers was able to be very successful in Scotland winning back to back trebles and utterly dominating the SPL. Now I know some people will rubbish that achievement because he was managing Celtic. Yet he managed to dominate the league far more than his predecessors and he even had Rangers back in the league for the time he was there. Would Gerrard have won the league with Rangers had Rodgers stayed at Celtic? Probably not.

Rodgers has his faults, notably for me his defensive organisation isn't great. Which considering our issues on the pitch is slightly baffling that he would feature so highly on our wanted list. That said he got a tune out of Maguire with lesser players than Varane alongside him. While most fans would prefer a "you score 1 we'll score 2" mentality than a "we'll score 1 and shut up shop" mentality.

I think more is made about whether he can handle "big names" than is needed. Could he handle Ronaldo? Well he handled Suarez and Gerrard. While you don't get many bigger ego's than Stevie Me at Liverpool. Gerrard also speaks in glowing terms about Rodgers.

{Ed001's Note - Rodgers is a spoofer and won a one horse race, then jumped ship as soon as Rangers got back somewhere near competitive.}

13.) 15 Nov 2021 13:03:06
A spoofer, nonsense. A very good coach.

14.) 16 Nov 2021 06:23:29
Doesn't do too bad for a spoofer Ed ?.

{Ed001's Note - you mean he won a 1 horse race and then jumped ship when it turned into a 2 horse one? Then he failed repeatedly to get Leicester the top 4 place that they had in their hands. The only achievement he has actually got is the cup, which is not a lot for a team that is as strong as Leicester's.}

15.) 16 Nov 2021 08:54:58
Little bit harsh Ed001. Leicester on paper have the 5th best squad in the league, and that's where he's got them. So doing about par really, plus won an FA cup.

While at Celtic he dominated the league and the cups in a way that none of his predecessors could. While he did that with Rangers in the league.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so, but you are forgetting Rangers were not in the same league, they were only just promoted and having to rebuild, it is absolute crap to suggest that he beat anyone while up there. As for 5th best squad, I disagree but you are only going to do your usual and twist everything to suit your agenda, now you have decided Bodgers is not a useless manager in case he becomes your next flop in charge.}

16.) 16 Nov 2021 10:39:26
Ed001, out of interest where do you rank Leicester's squad compared to that of Chelsea, City, Liverpool and United's?

Personally I'd prefer EtH and probably Pochettino over Rodgers, but he is in the conversation because he has done well as a manager. You don't consistently get offered good jobs by being useless.

My only real concern over Rodgers suitability at United is his team's are often defensively suspect and rely too heavily on individuals winning there battles rather than a collective defensive set up. Which in light of the problems at United with our defence doesn't really inspire confidence.

I'm not saying he didn't have by far and away the best team in Scotland during his time up there. Just really pointing out that he got more out of them than the previous Celtic managers. Anyone else win the treble? Or do so back to back? Having the best side is one thing, getting them to stay motivated and consistently perform is another.

He was also just a Steven Gerrard slip away from winning the EPL with Liverpool.

{Ed001's Note - rank their squad? I don't, I am talking about how their squad was in terms of what he had available throughout the season and it should have been good enough to finish 3rd last season.

As for doing better than anyone else, no one else ever had a complete absence of competition before.

As for that nonsense about a Gerrard slip, your ignorance is astonishing you just regurgitate media nonsense time and again. That slip was not the difference, there were 37 other games and 89 minutes more in that game. One slip was not the reason.}




Tom22's banter posts with other poster's replies to Tom22's banter posts


10 Apr 2022 15:39:20
If ETH turns us down, which is becoming a possibility, who do the club turn to then? Absolute mess of a club.


1.) 10 Apr 2022 16:38:50
Pochettino i would think, considering it was between them two.

2.) 10 Apr 2022 17:29:24
I wonder if he was spooked by the decision to give Bruno a new contract. I really don't see him fitting into a eth system.

{Ed014's Note - you’d have to be off your nut to take the United job!

3.) 10 Apr 2022 17:40:27
First who confirmed he was taking the job and now who said its a possibility he turns us down? One result and EtH is having second thoughts? Ever wondered that if all was going well, we wouldn't be looking for a change at all.

4.) 10 Apr 2022 18:24:44
Don't know how true but:

Reports that Manchester United and ETH at a standoff due to ETH requesting participation and significant say on transfers (incomings and outgoings) including types of players and how they'd fit into his system which the club is yet to assent to.

The fact that this is even an issue shows how amateurish and useless our club is run.

Also, reports that RBL have given a better offer than ours (with total control on transfers) to ETH but there's no denying which is a more attractive option.

5.) 10 Apr 2022 18:33:09
Nothing to do with one result addict. More to do with how rubbish the club is run.

6.) 10 Apr 2022 18:37:05
RB Leipzig sacked Marsch earlier in the year and appointed Tedesco I doubt they are looking to replace him already.

7.) 10 Apr 2022 18:55:11
Also addict do you really think the club want change? We've been woeful for 7 years. No progress on or off the field. The people in charge care more about interactions then trophies. Can you really say that who ever is running this club will be willing to change to put things right? There's been no sign of them doing that.

8.) 10 Apr 2022 19:33:35
Tom, if that'd be the case, i think Ole would still be in charge. Off the field, there won't be a change unless there is a change in ownership, but ofcourse you people are against the Saudis taking over so don't hold your breath on any change there.

9.) 10 Apr 2022 19:35:23
I think we need to calm down, these are all normal negotiations just unfortunately being played out for us in the media.
Rounds of interviews, contractoffers and negotiations. I would love for us to announce him now but both sides have to get this right. I still don't see this as anything other than normal practice.
I am convinced with the decisions being made more on football people other than Woodward that this will get done.

10.) 10 Apr 2022 19:50:40
I think it is only fair that the new manager should have a say in major decisions such as recruitment. After all, he carries the can if the team doesn't do well. If others with prominent positions in the club make decisions on recruitment and things go wrong, they wil retain their jobs. A manager such as Ten Hag with a specific system of play and knowing the type of players who will fit into that system should have the clout to pinpoint those players and insist that the club backs him. If I were Ten Hag and the club refused to agree to a request such as this, I would not go anywhere near that club. Recruitment since SAF has been very poor and decisions taken by certain influential members have get us into this absolute mess.

11.) 10 Apr 2022 20:49:58
Which of our managers post ferguson haven't had a major say in recruitment.

Fellaini with Moyes
Blind/ Depay with LVG
Mourinho with Zlatan/ Matic
Ole with his Brexit reset and Maguire/ AWB/ James.

All those managers have been able to bring in players they have wanted to and so would ETH.

12.) 11 Apr 2022 10:33:52
DSG whilst I agree with what you say there, every manager has had frustration with the recruitment at the club during their time.

13.) 11 Apr 2022 12:01:35
Without doubt but that's life, you don't always get what you want.

Klopp didn't get VVD in the summer of 2018, what did he do:

1.) Throw his toys out of his pram and criticise Liverpools hierarchy and ownership in public.

2.) Sign an inferior player that summer just so he could have an extra body in the squad for the sake of it.

No he just waited till January and made the most of the situation with the likes of Lovren, Klavan etc.

Im growing tired of these constant complaints about the hierarchy, yes they haven't been good enough but neither have any of the managers, they've all been poor and made ridiculous decisions.

14.) 11 Apr 2022 12:12:35
I don't think that's the case at all DSG.

15.) 11 Apr 2022 12:34:06
The way I look at it DSG is would Klopp or Pep have won the trophies they have if they were appointed with us at the time they took their respective jobs. Honestly, I don't think so. Not down to their managerial ability at all, they are the best. But they were allowed to move players on, bring in players they felt they needed. We are still stuck with Pogba who has wanted to go for years, Lingard who the manager said could leave in January. As a club we make ludicrous footballing decisions.

16.) 11 Apr 2022 16:38:02
Sorry, but the last 10 years are all down to the glazers, board, Woodward and the way the club is ran. United had 2 of the best managers around and were totally let down by Woodward and co. This was always going to happen, fergie and fill were the treatment for the cancer called glazer.

once they went United were doomed. Ran by clueless bankers with no care about the football, supporters etc United are dying a slow death.
And forgot ten hag, this board will mess it up.

The don't want a manager who expects to actually manage and demands standards. that's blasphemy to the glazers. Nope they want another yes man who'll be chucked under the bus by these jokers if players in 3 years time. they want poch and always have. Believe me, it's going to get even worse yet.

17.) 11 Apr 2022 20:30:19
Have to agree with you ESN. Van Gaal was spot on when he labelled us a corporate club and not a football one. Since Fergie retired we’ve had some top managers and the result has been exactly the same, it can’t all be down to the manager! The structure at the entire football club is geared up towards money and increasing the Glazers dividends and not success on the pitch.

I actually feel a bit sorry for Solskjaer, despite him been tactically inept. He gets us to a second place finish and brings in a top centre half and attacking player we’d been after for 2 years. Things were looking potentially decent……then lo and behold, Ronaldo is brought in behind his back and his whole seasons planning goes out the window. All for the sake of shirt sales, and some absurd notion we had to ‘rescue’ him from the clutches of Citeh. And make no mistake, he’d have signed for City without a second thought.

Until Manchester United overhauls the entire structure then we are doomed to fail. All the dead wood need to be cleared out, including all the relics from yesteryear. We need to move forward as a club, and as much as I hate to say it, we need to forget about the Fergie years. They ain’t coming back. Get rid of Phelan, Fletcher etc and also stop the input of certain directors. New start and move forward. Fresh coaches, fresh analysts, new playing staff. A clear management structure where all roles are catered for but ultimately rest on the managers shoulders.

Never going to happen is it!

18.) 12 Apr 2022 09:12:46
It's just how I feel fireman, and in truth how we all feel. Been going to United since the mid 80s and I've never felt as depressed about United as I do now. United were crap in the late 80s but they gave it all, some were drunk on the pitch but I never came out if a game thinking no one tried. They just weren't very good at the time. But these lot, and board. yikes, horrible feeling that next season will be worse than this mess.

19.) 12 Apr 2022 14:20:02
I know what your saying definitely, I was exactly the same. I hate to say it but the place is toxic at the minute from top to bottom. So depressing.

20.) 12 Apr 2022 14:26:53

It seems like there are two types of owners for the top teams now.

Either oil (etc) supported money (MC, Chelsea, Newcastle) or US investment teams.

The Oil guys have unlimited funds and the US guys just want a return on their money.

The US guys are used to the franchise model with no relegation etc and whilst they will put money into a club (as the Glazers and FSG have done) they are just interested in the bottom line.

My team LFC have remained competitive only due to the genius of JK, yourselves and Arsenal under similar ownership have regressed.

Whilst the US owners are only interested in profit and have no sentimental attachment to the clubs then we are all destined in the long run to play second fiddle to the Oil clubs.

I see LFC (post JK) joining yourselves and Arsenal in a scrap for 4th/ 5th/ 6th place.

I remember fondly the days when Villa or Norwich or QPR had a good run at winning the First Division, those days are gone forever.

I am now resident in the US (and desperately trying to get into the borefest that is US sport) and hate the franchise system with a passion as it destroys competition) .

God help us all if they get control of the EPL someday.

And how can you not beat Everton lol.



06 Nov 2021 18:08:19
Well, I know it won't happen but ralf rangnick for 6 months and then moved to over see footballing matters would be a great solution.
At least its the international break and I hate international football.


1.) 06 Nov 2021 20:44:27
Ralf to lay the foundation for Ten Hag and then step upstairs to oversee an internal restructure. Won't happen but we can dream.

2.) 06 Nov 2021 21:58:51
Ralf and Ten Hag play very different styles of football.

If Ralf was to come in and lay foundations then you'd expect someone like Rose, Marsch or Hasenhuttl to follow him.

That would at least make sense stylistically.



27 Aug 2021 14:51:36
So can ronaldo play cm?


1.) 27 Aug 2021 15:01:58
playing as a cdm next to fred lol.

2.) 27 Aug 2021 15:07:03
We are winning every game 5-4 🤣.

3.) 27 Aug 2021 15:19:02
Haha. Not sure what to think of it to be honest. If cavani is going to miss a large part of the season with the quarantine rules at the moment then maybe its not a bad signing.
Still think we could do with a midfielder, neves would be a good signing but we would have to make room.

4.) 27 Aug 2021 15:37:55
He’s being brought in short term to cover for Mctominay whilst he recovers 👀😂.



20 Apr 2021 21:17:14
So as it stands utd are still leaving.
Glazers still owners.
Woodward gone, was going anyway.
If we pull out, the national league beckons.




25 Nov 2020 19:21:20
Hi Ed's, I know it's wrong page but my local club shrewsbury are looking for a new manager. Was wondering if you had any idea at who they may approach. Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Sorry Tom, I really don’t know.}

1.) 25 Nov 2020 20:26:40
No worries ed. Thanks for reply, hope all is well.

{Ed002's Note - Sorry I could not help. Ed003 might be worth finding as he is hip to lower league football.}




Tom22's rumour replies


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22 Feb 2022 08:35:57
Rumour is ancelotti is now a candidate.




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30 Aug 2021 19:04:04
Good luck to him. Always frustrated me with his decision making but always admired his work ethic. If only all our players with natural talent would work as hard as him.
All the best Dan James.




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23 Aug 2021 19:43:37
To be fair stand I think he doesn't suit the system ole plays. He can't play in the 2 and doesn't seem to be a 10. He needs to play with freedom in a midfield 3. Good player but we are the wrong club for him.
Ed 077 I'm not a betting man but stand by my opinion, I hope we can bring in saul, neves or bissouma. Like I've said before ole won't change the system to a 4 3 3 so don't really think we need a so called dm.
I also think rice will be the one ole wants so will wait until he his attainable.


{Ed077's Note - F it. Just bring both Saul and Bissouma. That would make us legit title contenders IMO.



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23 Aug 2021 16:30:38
We won't be signing anyone.


{Ed077's Note - wanna bet?😜



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07 Aug 2021 07:20:49
We can all hope shappy but reading ed002's comments on how poor we are at dealing with players who want to leave it doesn't fill me with any confidence we will do what is needed. To know the club in a laughing stock is a sorry state. Looks like we will be going with what we have now for next season.





Tom22's banter replies


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25 Jun 2022 15:14:58
To be fair shappy I'm not arsed if utd sign players or not. Hopefully ten hag gets the best from this group. I'm excited to see if hanibal or garner step up, intrigued if he can get a tune out of rashford and sancho who are both good players but for what ever reason haven't shown what they are capable of.
All I'm saying is to say we are most improved is just ridiculous. Like I say this group of players have lost the fans with their constant moaning and attitude next season so eth will be up against it.
I fully back the manager and hope he can get us playing lije his ajax teams.




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25 Jun 2022 08:38:32
I wouldn't say that we have improved more than anyone shappy.
A team with a style of play that players have bought into and are surely further ahead than a team who's new manager doesn't know if his players can do what he wants or if they will just throw him under the bus at the first opportunity.
I'd also say we are the worse ran club in the league which also puts the so called improvement into question.
Regarding new signings I can't see many coming in if we can't move some on.
This team has no connection to the fans I think eth is up against it and wouldn't surprise me if he walked by January.




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10 Apr 2022 18:55:11
Also addict do you really think the club want change? We've been woeful for 7 years. No progress on or off the field. The people in charge care more about interactions then trophies. Can you really say that who ever is running this club will be willing to change to put things right? There's been no sign of them doing that.




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10 Apr 2022 18:33:09
Nothing to do with one result addict. More to do with how rubbish the club is run.




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10 Mar 2022 07:18:36
Taken spurs to a champions league final.