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02 Oct 2020 19:23:25
Romano saying that United will fold and give Dortmund the 120m.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 02 Oct 2020 19:29:46
Romano says a lot. Seems very little is actually accurate anymore.

2.) 02 Oct 2020 19:39:26
Where have you seen this Shan? Not seen it myself. So many reports atm. One minute we are convinced Sancho is coming and the next it’s dembele. Can’t wait for Tuesday when the transfer madness is over.

3.) 02 Oct 2020 19:43:45
Wouldn't blame them if they rejected it, utd have messed them about and left them no time to find a replacement.

4.) 02 Oct 2020 19:47:06
Even I don't see it anywhere.
His last update was that price quoted for Sancho before 2 months and now are the same.
Telles deal is in balance as we cannot agree a fee.
CB will depend on players leaving.

5.) 02 Oct 2020 20:46:10
It would be almost hilarious that we stump up what they want and they say no lol, serve us right.

6.) 02 Oct 2020 22:45:28
Almost, Welsh 😁.



25 Sep 2020 13:46:19
Looks like Levy is properly backing Jose this summer. In talks with Ruben Dias now.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 25 Sep 2020 13:59:02
i have them finishing third in the league this year and may give city some tough competition. All said and done, jose is a very good manager and the Spurs team profile suits him - not many prima donnas, mature players, good physicality, anything he achieves will be more than what they did under Poch, profile of the club is not too big to overshadow him etc.

2.) 25 Sep 2020 14:12:00
Interesting if Spurs get him in when we were unable to a couple of years ago.

It’s still Mourinho though. The novelty will wear off.

3.) 25 Sep 2020 14:13:33
True that RLF and not to forget it is Jose's second season too. So all stars aligned. I have them winning the Europa this year.

I thought Levy was the penny pinching one, Ed is outscoring him there.
Probably selling his house to gather funds for some late transfers 😂😂.

4.) 25 Sep 2020 14:32:23
I don't think Spurs will pull up trees this year. The defence looks iffy even with the additions of Doherty, Reguilon and possibly Dias. Three players who have never played together before is hardly a great start, even if all three do well it will take time for them to work well as a unit. Alderweireld is declining and suffers too many injuries, Aurier is a liability defensively as is Sanchez. Tanganga looks a good prospect, expect Jose to ruin him.

The Spurs midfield looks lightweight and lacking creativity. Ndombele hasn't succeed yet. Winks is decent, but needs a player along side him with physicality and drive. Sissoko is Sissoko, good some weeks, shocking others. Alli has been on a downward spiral for 18 months. Lo Celso looked good last season. But he is the only one.

They have an interesting mix of players going forward. Obviously Kane is top class, as is Son. Bergwijn looks a player too. Yet they also have (Lame) la and Moura who are very hit and miss. While adding Bale does add a potentially top player, however, will he be fit often enough?

When I look at this Spurs team I see a new and untested defence, a very poor midfield and a potentially blockbuster front line.

I think the best way to get the most out of this Spurs side is to outscore their opponents. However, they have a safely first manager who might well put the shackles on their best players.

They also have several key players who have in the last few seasons or so struggled with injury, no one would be surprised to see Spurs line up without Alderweireld, Bale and Kane due to injury.

I don't see Spurs challenging for the top 4 this season.

5.) 25 Sep 2020 14:39:14
Spurs furloughed their staffs and are outspending us.

Most importantly, they are improving the squad and backing their manager.

I'm just tired waiting for club to show some ambition to move us forward.

6.) 25 Sep 2020 14:52:44
Shappy, i will give you three names of United and tell me if they gelled even when they didn't play together before. Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra.

You are basing your arguments on a lot of ifs. If Kane and Bale stay fit, if the defence gels, if Sissoko isn't hit wnd miss. What if all of them hit.

7.) 25 Sep 2020 15:47:27
Shan, do you remember Vidic's and Evra's first season? They joined in January and looked a little iffy for the first few months. It wasn't until the start of their first full season that they started to play well as individuals and as a defensive unit.

After they had 6 months and a full pre-season to gel with their teammates.

Can Reguilon, Alderweireld, Doherty and Dias all speak the same language? If not how well will they communicate while trying to build up an on pitch relationship.

Defence more than any other area on the pitch requires months of training, playing and working together to build up and to be able to defend in a unit.

Very few teams get instant success when changing 3 of their back 4.

8.) 25 Sep 2020 16:08:58
Dias joining City apparently.

9.) 25 Sep 2020 15:36:15
I can't see them getting past us or Chelsea and possibly a rejuvenated Arsenal for top 4.

10.) 25 Sep 2020 15:41:18
i am with Shan on this one. I think they will do well. The spurs midfield with winks, sissokko, ndombele, lo Celso, Fernandes has good options. Hojberg is an astute signing and i expect him to do well under jose as he is very good at doing a job (herrera style) . Their defence will also be vastly improved with reguillon and doherty, not to mention if they get Ruben Dias.

You could even argue that their starting 11 with Lloris, reguillon, doherty, alderweireld, Dias (if), Winks, Sossoko, Locelso, Bale, Son, Kane is almost as good as ours. Bonus is they have less focus and pressure on them to perform, a better options frrom the bench with moura, bergwin, ndombele, a new striker maybe and alli, than we do.

11.) 25 Sep 2020 16:26:54
Tanganga looks a good prospect, expect Jose to ruin him? Shappy 😂 I would never have said Jose ruins young players.

Your analysis 🤦‍♂️ my god. I hope jose is reading this, I'm sure he could do with a few of your 'coaching' pointers 😂😂.

12.) 25 Sep 2020 16:45:30
Loll Shappy really hates Jose.

If they get Dias and with Mourinhi in charge i would forget about top 4.

City, liverpool and Spurs will be top 3 and then Arsenal or Chelsea will take the 4th position.

The only way we will make top 4 this year is if we sign a good cb along with a striker or rw.

With Ole and his coaching staff i absolutely have no faith! .

13.) 25 Sep 2020 18:43:17
Thought Dias was for city and skriniar for spurs. at least that’s what was being reported earlier 🤷‍♂️.

14.) 25 Sep 2020 16:46:58
Ed i wanted to ask you what is th3 difference between a manager and! Coach?

Is the coach responsible to teach players how to play or is it headed by directions from the manager as to how and what tactics to use? .

{Ed002's Note - In many cases it is not something that differs much - "manager" is used in the vernacular in the UK. Some "managers" actually have the title "head coach". In mainland Europe many coaches will not be part of the transfer process. In England they tend to have more of a say.}

15.) 25 Sep 2020 20:47:13
Spurs won't finish in the top 3 100%. I can see spurs struggling and mourinho leaving before the seasons finished. He will cause a fraction in their squad, bale signing will also probably hinder them, they have a strict wage bill and I'm sure other will be asking for a pay rise unsuccessfully and that will cause them problems too.

Mourinho used to be a good manager, when the players were men, they could take it, nowadays it will break a lot of them, that is his biggest downfall, the evolution and the younger generation.

16.) 25 Sep 2020 22:22:56
Lads, it’s Tottenham.

In all seriousness, I don’t care what they’re doing. We should be worrying about ourselves.

17.) 25 Sep 2020 23:22:49
Bale will tear the league up can’t believe people writing him off.

18.) 26 Sep 2020 00:30:17
Okay thanks ed.

19.) 26 Sep 2020 09:26:19
Well not all of us follow golf RobbieWood, didn't know they used a league structure now.

20.) 26 Sep 2020 09:34:38
The only thing I can see bale tearing up is the green on the 18th hole. He will most likely be injured for a large part of the season. He has had a lot of muscle injuries over the past few years and he is a pace and power player. Kinda reminds me of Owen.

21.) 26 Sep 2020 19:36:34
This original post has aged badly. Levy has no money for Dias.



31 Aug 2020 11:11:12
Heard a rumour from the second most reliable source after Ed002 that Matt Judge took a flight from Amsterdam to Cologne. Wonder what he could be doing in Germany now.

Source, twitter ofcourse. 😁😁.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 31 Aug 2020 12:03:37
Probably picking up some German sausage for tea 🤣.

2.) 31 Aug 2020 12:33:19
Cologne is a fun city. Why not stop in for a beer 🍺.

3.) 31 Aug 2020 13:17:56
Grabbing some smellies.

4.) 31 Aug 2020 15:33:46
He is just the wurst tim, ill get me coat 🤦‍♂️.



15 Jan 2018 21:02:00
City have withdrawn their offer. Chelsea intersted.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 15 Jan 2018 22:09:18
Cant follow the figures though although I doubt any journo knows. The Indy saying Arsenal wanted Martial PLUS cash? and now its 30 million PLUS Miki? neither of those deals look good to me.

2.) 15 Jan 2018 22:54:54
I can't see Chelsea splashing the cash when there is an unknown with the manager. Probably going public to satisfy fans that they tried.

3.) 16 Jan 2018 02:04:16
Replacement for Hazard is my guess. Hopefully just BS, but if they are in the mix it will be a problem for us I think - these foreigners seem to love London, I doubt they spend much time partying, learning the history and shops you can find anywhere - it's just convenience and the 'image'.

I genuinely don't see the draw in London for a professional footballer over other major cities in the UK.



14 Jan 2018 13:16:24
Di Marzio reporting that we have reached an agreement with Sanchez and his agents.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 14 Jan 2018 13:50:28
Than surely we have. that guy is special at news.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 14:13:10
That guy is specially wrong everytime he opens his mouth.


3.) 14 Jan 2018 20:29:19
Yeah sure he is mikon. What planet you living on. Has always been incredibly accurate. Most have some decent sources.

4.) 15 Jan 2018 10:31:48
Incredibly accurate? that's a stretch, sure he is better than some but he is wrong about transfers all the time!




Shan UNITED boy's banter posts with other poster's replies to Shan UNITED boy's banter posts


29 Jan 2021 08:25:06
Eds, this is my final post so please let it pass through your filters.

Alty Jim - Whilst i respect your opinions as much as every other poster on this page regarding football, there are certain lines that are to be drawn.

You, sir, called my statement on Rashford and kids in Africa as "racist". The statement was by no means an act of racism and should not be construed that way. If you need proving about the state of life and kids in some parts of Africa, i invite you to come work with me and my team for a month in Africa and help in setting up basic facilities in some remote villages.

I come from India and i am no stranger to racism as it is. I have had to face my fair share of it whenever i have visited the Western "Civilized" world of yours. Its my money that your governments love else i would also be treated the same way as any other person coming from this part of the world.

Sir, one must not try and take the high road on some issues when its their own people who gave this disease this hatred called as Racism to the world. When the so called civilized mercenaries and militaries were busy plundering the countries and telling us how you were superior to us because of the color of the skin. That is racism.

On Rashford, i by no means mentioned anything about the color or the race and it was just something that he is already doing that i highlighted and mentioned that he could and ideally should extend his limits from the kingdom to other parts of the world where i said Africa, he is by all means welcome to that in India as well.

The fans on this page call each other names, toxic, idiot, nonsense, stupid, hyperbolic etc. But all that is based on the footballing comments that are made and all that is fine as its just a game. I have given that and taken it in equal measure. You called my opinion on the game/ tactics etc as hyperbole and i respect that. But i do not accept the charge of racism on me. I am not Cavani who will just take anything lying down like that.

I have always been an advocate of leaving this page without making noise and announcing the departures and i have made fun of that as well. But this charge on me is unacceptable and i will quit and leave all you guys in peace.

To everyone else-

Hope all your wishes on Ole being successful come true.
All you guys are truly a wonderful fan base, divided opinions or not but all at heart want the best for Manchester United.

Be Safe and Happy!

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed025's Note - shan you do realise that by removing your right to reply is just kow-towing to the haters dont you?, you have been on here for long enough to know there will always be contentuous posts and you have to rise above that mate, im sure you get pleasure from posting as we all do and your one of the more respected ones on here so why you would give that up is beyond me.
There will always be the odd idiotic reply or statement that irks us and as editors we try our best to police them but ther will always be the odd one that gets through as im sure you realise, of course if you dont want to be a part of the site than thats totally up to you and i wish you well my friend..

1.) 29 Jan 2021 09:57:40
I have read down the page and Jim’s post said it could be seen as being on the cusp of being racist, and while I disagree perhaps just an explanation would suffice rather than skulking off like a child.

The majority of your posts try and incite people to argue, your hatred of Rashford is there for all to see, you constantly say the rest of us only think he’s good because he’s an academy player and ignore every single good thing he does. On the same thread Jim posted you started an argument with red whiskey which has led to him wanting to take a break from the page.

I’ve no idea how old you are but some of your posts recently have been so full of bile and hyperbole that eventually you’re going to get a reaction you don’t like, you can’t then react like a child taking their ball home. I don’t agree with your opinion or how you express it and I’m sure you don’t agree with mine, but as I said to red whiskey I wouldn’t encourage anyone to stop posting, maybe just try and find some balance and stop trying to annoy people and you’ll get responses you prefer.

If not then bye and good luck.

2.) 29 Jan 2021 10:07:56
Why do people take everything to heart. It’s only words. I couldn’t care less what anybody thinks about me or says to me. This world we live in now is an absolute joke. Everybody afraid to say anything as it might be misconstrued. The do gooders and snowflake brigade make me sick. As long as it ain’t bullying or racist who cares. People need to get a grip far more important things to worry about like Man Utd.

3.) 29 Jan 2021 10:18:46

We are not all going to agree all of the time and that's fine, the problem is when posters continue to staunchly stick to bitching and moaning about the same thing over and over again. This leads to posters getting severely hacked off, is rashford as bad as you keep making out? It really does feel you have a vendetta against the guy.
As for the Rashford/ Africa comment I'm sensible enough to sort of see what your saying, but you could interpret that there could be racial undertones in that comment, again I don't for one minute believe that was your intention but none the less some people may find that comment offensive.
If you look at all your posts combined over the last couple of years there is one constant, a serious distain for marcus rashford is this justified? I'm my opinion no. But that's what forums are for sharing different opinions.

Stay safe chill out and all the best.

4.) 29 Jan 2021 12:33:45
Shan personally i'd be disappointed if you stop posting.
Don't let people hound you off the page.
Lots of double standards on here. Even using the word 'hatred' is hyperbole lots of folk on here use it a lot it's simply not true and I expect it from the same people over and over again. The ones that criticise you are just as argumentative, childish and nasty at times but they can't see past the nose on their own face. They are just as repetitive and stead fast in their own opinions as you are in yours and just as quick and sometimes quicker with their i told you so's.
Keep posting as all opinions are welcome. thankfully free speech is what makes democracy a good think.
All opinions are welcome and if you don't agree fine but 'hatred' is not about its a pathetic accusation. Nasty and uncalled for.
God forbid you say that to one of the whiners.
Keep posting mate and 2 fingers up to the begrudgers.
Also Jim is also a good poster if you took offence to his post I understand but get over it is my advice. He doesn't know you or anything about you.

5.) 29 Jan 2021 12:38:25
Shan, I don't think anyone should feel they have to leave the latest, but I've reread your post and it was vitriolic and unnecessary. We've had reasonably sensible debates about Rashford in the past but you sometimes get very emotional and confrontational about it.

If you are going to post like you did, expect some blowback.

6.) 29 Jan 2021 12:58:35

A few years ago on here someone disagreed with my point of view, I think it was on Moyes. However they told me I had a syndrome that I needed medical help with, I think it was Don Quixote syndrome they said, quite nasty about it too. Now it’s new stuff, less offensive, but the point is that as with life there are different opinions, I don’t try to change anyones opinion but will put my point of view over. I am not afraid to and nor should you.

I hope you keep posting as much as I hope those who hold different opinions do. Life is too short to let an unknown faceless keyboard tapping person get to you. Me, I just laugh and keep going, put the perspective I have and worry about real problems in life. Keep posting.

7.) 29 Jan 2021 13:13:33
Although I don't agree with everything you post on here Shan, I don't see anything racist in the post you are referring to.

There are people who misinterpret or try to judge the meaning of something based on their own perception or experiences and that does not change the actual meaning of what is said. Given the cultural differences, language barriers and other factors it is very easy to misjudge or misinterpret someone or something.

"Give respect take respect" - as long as we respect each others opinions and value everyone else, not as individuals but as humans the world is a beautiful place to be.

No need to get offended Shan, just chill and keep posting.

8.) 29 Jan 2021 13:16:51
I agree with Blackpool red 100 per. Cent. Keep posting boys all of you.
Too much political correctness in the world. I've never gave out about a player as much in the last few weeks as martial. It's not racist. It's just because he is a passenger in my eyes in the United team. I say what I see. At the end of the day martial has a big fat bank account. Am I allowed say fat in this world now. And leahymike struggles to pay his bills and look after his family.
Manchester united and football take me out of reality for a few hours. And I look forward to the games and I enjoy the live chat. And it doesn't matter to me if a poster is ole in or ole out. We support the same team. Glory glory man united.

9.) 29 Jan 2021 13:21:25

I assume you meant me saying that Shan hates Rashford? If you have read his posts you have to agree that’s how it comes across, ignoring everything good he does and concentrating on everything bad he does is totally unfair. I think he hasn’t been great recently but he’s still a great player and an amazing person, somebody coming on here to constantly abuse him is always going to get arguments and quite rightly as united fans we should be treating one of our own exactly like that.

Shan constantly brings up that we only like Rashford because he’s local, which I find totally ridiculous, there have been plenty of local lads who haven’t been good enough. It’s also a bit of a misunderstanding of the history of the club and how much we love bringing players through to the first team and supporting them.

Maybe I just can’t see past the nose on my face though.

10.) 29 Jan 2021 14:08:08
Shan, just out of curiosity, how long have you spent in Africa?

11.) 29 Jan 2021 15:03:30
Shan, we rarely agree, and to be honest I'm fine with that. Everyone has their own opinion, just like everyone has an arsehole. It just so happens that more often than not I think yours stinks. Your opinion that is.

If you feel like you need a break then go for it, I've taken sabbaticals from the page from time to time, just make sure you come back. It would be a shame to lose a poster who isn't afraid to voice their opinion.

12.) 29 Jan 2021 15:33:28
There you go again gds2 'abuse him you need to understand that it's not abuse or hatred. That's hyperbole. Simple. I think its nasty the way you do it. But I wouldn't say you hate shan or that you abuse him. You simply disagree. But you chose to put labels and very emotive words on what he is saying. Those labels are not true but you continue to use them and IMO you incite a lot more nastiness on these pages than shan every has . By accusing him of hatred and abuse. Its uncalled for. You have been called out by the eds for just that. I don't expect you to agree or see it but that's the way you come across to me many others and the eds.
I'm not suggesting you change btw but just realise how you come across.
Like me you probably don't give a hoot how you come across. You have been told multiple times so I'm sure you are well aware.

13.) 29 Jan 2021 15:59:24
Wondered how long that would take, I’ve been told bla bla bla, you’re right I definitely don’t care what you think, I actually do care what the majority of the Ed’s think as I respect them and the job they do on the site so I take what they say seriously, I guess sometimes I’ve ‘overstepped the mark’ as it were but I’ve never been abusive and wouldn’t be and have changed my way of posting to fit in.

I think the way Shan talks about Rashford is abusive, just because you find that word so bad doesn’t mean it is, just like you getting on your high horse about the word hatred doesn’t mean by using it I am inciting anybody on the site. People can read and make their own minds up let’s be honest, the majority of people here are adults even if they choose not to act like it.

One person’s abuse is another person’s criticism, I found the post you just wrote about me pretty abusive but you probably just meant it as criticism, I’m not going to stop posting because of one person who doesn’t like me though and who wouldn’t be the bigger man when asked to call a truce and accept an apology just like you aren’t going to stop so let’s all have a big hug and sing glory glory man united and get smashed.

14.) 29 Jan 2021 16:48:04
I'll drink to that👌🍷cheers.

{Ed047's Note - GDS2 has never been abusive! 🤣

I’m guessing “F**k Off” isn’t in anyway abusive then? 🤣🤣

15.) 29 Jan 2021 17:16:11
I said the majority of the Ed’s for a reason 47.

{Ed047's Note - nooo, I’d never have guessed! 😢😢🤣🤣🤣

16.) 29 Jan 2021 17:19:12
I think people read things different ways. I’ve never found GDS abusive, and I’m amazed he could incite nastiness I think he gets a lot of stick, much of it unfair but that’s how I read things.

As for Shan, it seems he’s not reading this thread but I find many of his posts very emotional and almost aggressive. I’ve had a few good debates with him but too often it seems personal to me. Again, that might be the way I read it.

We all get emotional from time to time, that’s the beauty of football, I’ve been back and apologised on here before although most probably weren’t offended and didn’t care.

17.) 29 Jan 2021 17:21:21
Ed047. Ones mans f### off is another man's cheerful greeting. Don't forget that.

{Ed047's Note - Never Ken and in my case in relation to the cheerful greeting the c*** is always silent too! 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

18.) 29 Jan 2021 17:51:22
Imagine calling a brown boy racist hahhha. Shan you don't need to go nowhere. Frankly speaking they don't know you and you don't know them so post whay you want to post and the only people you should care about is the eds as they are the ones who run the site and they will know what's racist and slanderous.

I have posted things in the post and the eds respectfully explained to me that it was slanderous and i could put the site in trouble so i just r3frained myself from doing that again.

Anyways have a good day guys.

Over and out!

19.) 29 Jan 2021 18:01:26
I never said he was abusive in fact I said he wasn't if you care to read it.

But he does incite some others and in a nasty way imo. Its his perogative. He won't please everyone no more than anyone does.
As for a truce? A truce for what? I'm not at war. Truce my ass. If I agree with you gds2 ill say so if I don't ill say so.

If I think your being like described below I'll say so. If I have no comment to make on a post of yours I won't comment.
Its not war I don't need a truce or an apology from you.

Its not just ed047 I don't know when you changed your posting style as this was just before Christmas

As per ed001 (copy and paste from 001 to gds2)

“I don't know why I am bothering, you are again twisting things, playing the victim, it is sad that you are making snide comments about how people are triggered, when you are the one, as usual, triggering things. It is pointless talking on here. I am sure you will come back with some smart arse comments, as usual, then try and act all innocent. You have been doing the same for years and years now. It is never your fault, but somehow you are always right there in the middle. Odd huh? Don't bother replying. It is time this conversation finished as it is going nowhere.”

{Ed047's Note - he’s also announced, on 2 occasions that I know of, that he was leaving the page, oddly he never has 🤷‍♂️

20.) 29 Jan 2021 19:13:39
I left for a few hours then realised that this place is too funny to leave behind. 🤭🤭🤭.

{Ed007's Note - I think because everybody's been on here so long their menstrual cycles have synced up. It'll be tears and eating chocolate tomorrow.}

21.) 29 Jan 2021 19:41:46
I agree Singh.

22.) 29 Jan 2021 19:38:39
007 don't mention the hot flushes. 🥵🥵🥵.

{Ed007's Note - 😂😂

23.) 29 Jan 2021 19:11:45

I’ve said a few times that I was having a break, things get heated at times.

Ken, you seriously went back and found that post? Absolutely embarrassed for you. Using Ed0001 to back up a point you supposedly weren’t even making, best thing I’ve seen on here for ages, thank you, I needed a laugh, I’ve had a pretty bad time recently as I’ve explained before and things like that really make things better.

{Ed047's Note - Hmm 🤦‍♂️

As for Ken being embarrassed, that is never happening as it is a perfect example of what you’re like.

It sums you up to an absolute tee!

Yet again playing the victim.

24.) 29 Jan 2021 19:13:54

Do you want me to leave the site?

{Ed047's Note - still playing the victim, you would simply be banned, there is no do I want you to leave the site.

You can post sensibly when you decide not to be a complete arse! 🤷‍♂️

25.) 29 Jan 2021 19:20:20

Do you really think being told to F off is that offensive? Hardly personal abuse, you were being condescending as always and I quite rightly told you to do one, I didn’t think you would be offended, I hoped you might leave my posts alone which thankfully you have, but unfortunately there again to jump in when you want to stir things up. I apologise for profusely to you if I offended you, you’ve clearly not forgotten about it which is great, but I genuinely didn’t mean to offend.

Have a good evening everyone, peace and love.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t find the term offensive or you for that matter, you are everything that Ed01 described you as but you simply don’t see it.

As for your posts there is no leaving them alone fella, I’ll comment as and when I need too, but thanks anyway.

Clearly I won’t be accepting your joke of an apology, one because that is what it is and two because I really couldn’t give a toss about one.

Good that you’re here playing the victim again though 🤦‍♂️

26.) 29 Jan 2021 20:11:18
Ken, our menstral cycles may well have synched up, but not all of us are as old as you, I'm certainly not getting hot flushes 😂.

27.) 29 Jan 2021 20:42:41
All ahead of you shappy. 🤣🤣 I know you're still in the first flush of youth. 🤢🤢.

28.) 29 Jan 2021 21:04:09
Decent thread this. Skipped EastEnders 😂😂.

{Ed007's Note - I'm just waiting for Peter Barlow turning up with some cans, a fishing rod and a KFC Bargain Bucket.}

29.) 29 Jan 2021 22:05:09
Saying he's a mate of GDS 😂😂.

{Ed007's Note - 😂😂

30.) 29 Jan 2021 23:57:48
Brilliant everyone, definitely didn’t play the victim, it’s a joke of a forum about football and you’re an editor, why would I care?

Peter Barlow is in Corrie not eastenders, Jesus Christ.

{Ed047's Note - 🤦‍♂️

31.) 29 Jan 2021 23:58:46
No wonder people leave the site.

{Ed047's Note - you off then?

32.) 30 Jan 2021 00:07:00

Ban me then, absolute joke.

{Ed047's Note - I know you are, hence you’re still here 🤣

33.) 30 Jan 2021 01:18:28
Probably worth a reply on my part.

I stand by what I said on the original reply to Shan further down the page. It might not be what some classify as racist these days but just the terminology used sticks in the craw and, as I said in my initial post, was pretty clumsy.

Couple of points:

1. It’s been assumed that I am white. Interesting conclusion to draw. Also interesting to note that ‘a brown boy’ can’t be racist.

2. The terms ‘haters’, ‘them/ us’, etc. is overly-partisan for my liking, and I never realised there were such divides in the fan base until I visited this page many years ago. The overriding feeling I have about all that is that it’s a shame people are so angry about it sometimes. It’s just sport. I love Ronnie O’Sullivan and absolutely love it when he plays and wins. I don’t get stroppy and insulting when he loses though - I recognise the glory of sport for the drama it throws up.

3. It was just my opinion. Remember that when someone (arguably successfully) picks you up on a point and probably proves it wrong, it’s up to you to be humble and hold your hands up. I think Shan made a comment in the heat of the moment that portrayed him in a light that may be considered racist. Clumsily racist, perhaps, but not something I think he may look back on with some regret. As has been pointed out, I don’t know the guy personally, but I certainly know his views when it comes to United, and can deduce from that what he meant to say.

For the record, I am neither Ole In or Out - I think the modern idea of supporting a manager rather than a club a strange one, and I am currently enjoying United being in with a shout for the league. It was a stinker of a result but clearly/ hopefully an anomaly.

Also Shan, if it helps, sir, you shouldn’t leave this forum just because of me. Come on, I’ve got lots more things to pick you up on ha!

34.) 30 Jan 2021 07:54:00
Well GDS knows his soaps 😂.



28 Jan 2021 13:22:07
Sim0975 makes a valid point below about the wrong team selection. I have held back from posting about the game for 20 painful hours but here goes.

We gave up before the first whistle yesterday. Is there anyone on the planet besides Sir Ole who thought that SU would come to OT and play an open expansive game, would leave spaces in behind for our sprinters to run in behind when they had a 38 year old anchoring the defense? Why did Ole play 3 strikers who only have one skill on their football know how and that is to use their raw pace to run in behind? I called it then that we would struggle to break them down. Tactical naivety from Ole. Is that new? NO. Why was Pogba playing alongside Matic and not further forward. Funny enough, Pogba played further forward against Liverpool. Was Ole more scared of losing to SU than Liverpool?

How does Martial start? And then how come he stays on for 90 minutes when Greenwood looked the more likelier to cause trouble to their defense? Why does Ole shift Rashford to the right to accomodate Martial. He should be smarter and shift Rashford out of the team altogether. What top player stays out of form for close to a year?
Rashford is getting a free run since January last year. He was pathetic again and was literally strolling though half the time. And that smug look on his face really pisses me off. I hear there are under privileged children in Africa, can Rashford move there and continue his mission off field because he is so distracted by all his off field activities that it will be good to him to leave football.

Back to Ole, why play Telles if you are not playing Cavani? Who will Telles cross to in the box? Neither Martial, Rash or Greenwood make those runs in the box to head it?

I don't remember their GK making a save whole game. That sums it up for me. No intent whatsoever.

Another thing i heard on commentary yesterday. Tuanzebe has accumulated 6 yellow cards in the 12 appearances he has made this season for us. He needs to work on his discipline if he wants to succeed. But i don't trust our coaches to be any help there either.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 28 Jan 2021 13:34:00
Shan you can’t slag the Golden boy off it won’t go down very well. I can’t believe people can’t see what’s straight in front of them. I’m not saying he is a bad player but he is so over hyped it’s unbelievable. He doesn’t have a football brain and without his pace he ain’t very good. Que the lovin. Yes we all know he’s a fantastic human being but this is about football nothing else.

2.) 28 Jan 2021 13:38:36
15 goals and 10 assists and he’s not got a footballing brain? Grow up. Yet another overreaction to one result. Absolutely shocking. This place can be full of pure bile spewers at times. He’s out of form. We lost. Sh! t happens.

3.) 28 Jan 2021 14:04:46
Yeah Redwhiskey. Its rubbish. No questions there. You are the only grown up buddy and we are all unborn foetus trying to understand football. Speaking of foetus, have you seen a newborn child trying to crawl for the first time? He would crawl straight into the bedpost or a drawer and hit his head. He can see those obstructions but will still hit them. Why, because his brain isn't fully developed and doesn't understand that its going to hurt him. Analogy sound familiar? The "golden boy" as Blackpool Red rightly puts it - does he not see the wall of defense? People converging on him? Yet he would run straight at them and lose the ball. Funny thing is that the infant would do it twice and stay clear the third time but Rashford even after playing for 6 years at top level keeps doing it. Goals and assists are just stats that cover up. Lacks footballing intelligence. Hyped because he is a local lad from the academy.

4.) 28 Jan 2021 14:32:32
Bang on Shan. Also how many times when it’s a one on one with the keeper does he hit it straight at him. Him and Le sulk are so frustrating, he’s a one trick pony cut inside and hit it as hard as possible, I honestly can’t remember him trying to beat the fullback on the outside. That’s enough about him I don’t rate him end of but hope to be proved wrong.

5.) 28 Jan 2021 15:19:20
I feel like I've walked into the bedpost myself after reading that post 🤦‍♂️.

6.) 28 Jan 2021 15:19:35
Hope to be proved wrong, love it.

7.) 28 Jan 2021 15:26:03
Blackpool, yes Rashy is inconsistent but his return of goals and assists are one of the reason we are high up in the table.
Last season he scored 20 odd goals in a injury hit season, which is quite incredible.

Who else would you play? Dan James?
The truth is we don't have quality wingers in the squad.

8.) 28 Jan 2021 18:37:06

We wouldn’t play anyone else because Rashford is very good just a bit out of form, his goals and assists are great this season and even out of form he scored a great goal against Liverpool only 5 days ago.

Goals and assists are just stats covering up how many goals and assists he gets 😂 Shan you were proved wrong about Rashford a long time ago, you said he wouldn’t be a first team player by now and would be worse than welbeck if I remember correctly, so forgive the rest of us for not fully going along with your slagging of him.

9.) 28 Jan 2021 19:04:50
A great goal against Liverpool? It was Liverpool's defence being at the centre that made him run free . And it was a compination of Liverpool problems and Williams lack of pace that made him see good.
It is coincidence that he seems good when opposition's defence is at the centre like Liverpool and Leipzig? When he has a packed defence in front of him and he must use his brain and have patience in his game, he looks like unhead chicken. that's the true. If we want a runner we can take Bolt who is faster.

10.) 28 Jan 2021 20:43:39
Your hyperbole is laughable. I agree with your points about tactical mistakes, but I disagree with your points about Rashford’s ability.

Also, I would say your comments about him going to Africa are right on the cusp of being racist. With the current news story from last night and the issues surrounding that, it seems a little bit insensitive (or at least a bit careless) to make crass comments like that. Come on Shan, you’ve clearly got your own opinion - as you are entitled to - but just try to express it like a grown up.

11.) 29 Jan 2021 01:16:33
Sorry I forgot our players can’t do good things, it’s always because the opposition aren’t very good. Would love to see you run through with time to think about it and slot one past one of the best keepers in the world. For god sake some people’s arguments are silly at times.



27 Jan 2021 12:02:26
Every fifth person the world is Chinese. By 2030, every 10th person walking would have been a Chelsea coach.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed007's Note - So you're saying one of my family, me, my mum & dad, my sister Patricia or my wee brother Zhang Wei are Chinese? I bet it's Patricia.....

1.) 27 Jan 2021 12:33:55
Ah so its Patricia. I would have definitely said it was you Ed047. And let's leave wee Zhang Wei to be one of the Chelsea coaches.

{Ed007's Note - Ed047? We'll have less of your cheek laddie! 😁

2.) 27 Jan 2021 12:48:42
It just proves Shan is the Chinese guy on this page😂😜.

{Ed007's Note - 😁

3.) 27 Jan 2021 12:55:03
Hahaha Bond. Apologies! Its the early evening tonic talking. Looks like i am already seeing numbers. But i change my initial stance now. You definitely aren't the one who is Chinese. It be one of the parents then. Zhang would still be the Chelsea coach.

{Ed007's Note - 👍



19 Jan 2021 02:51:44
GDS2, can you kindly point me to the post that said we should have put 5 past a team, let alone Liverpool? I can't seem to find it but funny enough all your posts have that marker. So kindly help.

Jred, you keep asking people their expectations, yours were that your father in law (Ole) survives the season unscathed. isn't that true? So it really doesn't matter to you how we play. When we lose, its just one game. PSG, RBL, Palace, Spurs, City, Baseksehir and Arsenal have all beaten us this season. That is 7 games and after every one of those defeats you have come here and told us that "its just one game". These were defeats. We rode our luck against West Ham, Brighton, Southampton and Wolves. And the worst part was that we played with 11 men and Oles dog behind the ball against City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Are we Man Utd or a goddamn Sunday Pub goers United that we are so scared of teams. Where is the "you score 3 we score 4" attitude? Ole is a very negative manager and always sets up not to lose.

Hey but we shouldn't be complaining about jred's father in law and his ultra negative tactics because we sit top of the league.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 19 Jan 2021 03:33:10
We sit top of the league because the bar has significantly fallen. As Shappy said earlier on, this points total would have us 6th and 4th over the last two years.

Points dropped against our rivals Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Leicester and Liverpool. 4 points from 18. Showing some ambition in those games could have seen us running away with the league.

Ole is a negative coach. If our previous manager turned out those defensive performances this year plus our embarrassing exit in the Champions League, he would have been roasted.

Looking back at those fixtures leaves a "what if" scenario in my head. We have the players to win any game of football. But I think our manager would rather the headlines after a draw instead of actually trying to win these matches.

The good thing is, the team have shown they can be challenging for the league at the halfway point. So anything other than a proper title challenge this year will be a failure.

2.) 19 Jan 2021 04:51:02
The bar has fallen for some clubs but fortunately Ole and utd have mantained the level. 😁😁.

3.) 19 Jan 2021 06:34:44
For someone who played in some great attacking teams Ole s tactics are often cowardly. You don't need a Keane, Beckham, Giggs to do it, you need 11 players well coached with a work ethic and commitment to getting the ball down, forward passing, lots of movement on and off the ball. We see it in Europe often, smaller teams that are a joy to watch when they play in Europa or CL. they don't have stars but you think "I wish we played like that "or "I hope we don't draw them " Coaching, mentality . I don't know something is missing but we need to step up to close the gap that I believe will be there at the end of the season again.

4.) 19 Jan 2021 07:35:18
Cowardly, hilarious.

5.) 19 Jan 2021 07:48:52
It’s bad on here when we lose. It’s now seemingly worse when we draw.

6.) 19 Jan 2021 08:10:33
😂😂we are not doing well everyone else is doing bad .
Its like when we win because the other team had a bad game.
The target last season was top 4 until we got top 4 .

This season we are top of thecleague at the half way point but thst isn't good enough either 😂😂.

7.) 19 Jan 2021 08:11:03
All on the back of a draw against Liverpool away .

8.) 19 Jan 2021 11:17:39

Have you ever heard of exaggerating? Obviously not.

Some of the posts after a draw are hilarious, no wonder other clubs fans laugh at us and call us spoilt.

9.) 19 Jan 2021 12:18:18
Yep, Cowardly. Same as the performances against City, Arsenal, Chelsea at home -never played for a win -Liverpool away last weekend against a makeshift defence with Cavani well rested it would have been a statement to have started him. first shot on target after 34 minutes . that's attacking football is it, from a team with self belief at the top of the table that should be able to go toe to toe with a rival or is it the mark of a team hoping to contain the opposition and get a lucky break a la Jose ? Standards and expectations have obviously fallen amongst fans, I doubt that was Liverpools toughest game this season. A point at Anfield yep decent, probably the same Wolves, Southampton, Everton would settle for.

10.) 19 Jan 2021 12:53:49
True GDS, there are lots of things i haven't heard like "we need to put 5 past Liverpool". You still haven't shown me that.

Jred yet again you side step the question.

11.) 19 Jan 2021 13:35:31

I explained it was an exaggeration mate, have a nice day, enjoy the top of the table.

12.) 19 Jan 2021 13:56:27
Its not the question, its you I avoid, its all nonsense imo .
I'm not even sure there is a question above?

{Ed047's Note - there was more than one question but you dodge away as usual. Painful.

13.) 19 Jan 2021 14:40:55
R we Sunday league goers? I would say NO.

14.) 19 Jan 2021 14:37:05
What was the question?

{Ed047's Note - clearly home learning isn’t working for you

15.) 19 Jan 2021 16:25:17
Funny jred, if 5 replies on one post of mine is you avoiding me, my god if you took interest in me i would have to scoot to a parallel universe.

16.) 19 Jan 2021 16:47:35
Shan only 1 of them was a reply to you and of course this one .
But your right that is one to many.

17.) 19 Jan 2021 17:06:48
Hey we have a quick learner. Clearly things aren't as bad as some would have you believe 😁😁.

18.) 19 Jan 2021 23:17:50
Can any of the Eds explain why posts like the ones on this thread make it through? Just seems like empty name-calling to me.

I only ask because I often try to pick Shan up on his hyperbole and my posts sometimes don’t get uploaded. I’d like to think my points come across as reasoned and fair!



17 Jan 2021 18:25:01
Boring boring boring. yet again we set up to defend deep. didn't have a go at their midfielder's defence. Pathetic. Havent beaten any of the top 6 this season.

But we stay top for now but City now have it in their hands.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed004's Note - Going toe to toe with Liverpool at Anfield is never a recommended strategy. We were very unlucky not to win that I feel. Bruno should score and Pogbas was a great chance. Just sloppy in our attacking play today}

1.) 17 Jan 2021 18:28:35
Ed004 this isn’t the same liverpool side we’ve been used too. They had a makeshift defence and yet we barely went at it. We were content for the draw and rarely showed any ambition to go at them. Missed a big chance.

{Ed004's Note - a draw at Anfield I still think is a decent result and we really should have won it at the end.}

2.) 17 Jan 2021 18:42:27
So what would your reaction have been had Fernandez scored at the end?

3.) 17 Jan 2021 18:51:06
Alty Jim, if my aunt had a moustache, i would call her uncle. But she doesn't and Bruno didnt.

4.) 17 Jan 2021 18:51:23
It was not an exciting game, true, but It was pretty much what I expected. If Fernandez or Pogba takes their chance and we win 1-0 most people would be saying Ole had set the team up correctly and that it was a great result. We came very close to breaking a phenomenal home record. We didn't quite do it, but whether we ultimately succeeded or not, doesn't change whether or not it was a well constructed tactical performance.

5.) 17 Jan 2021 19:07:59
Sorry Shawthing but I disagree. Liverpool have been not playing well recently had a makeshift defence and we lacked ambition. We should have thumped them three or four nil.

6.) 17 Jan 2021 19:19:15
Decent point, wasn’t bored at any point, no finger nails left, they haven’t lost at home for 68 games and we are moaning we didn’t go at them and smashed them, their 5 best attacking threats were all in the team and we kept a clean sheet and defended extremely well, 2 away clean sheets in a week after none all season feels good.

This time last year we had just lost at Liverpool to go 20+ points behind them and pretty much give them the title, the difference a year makes in football is huge. Pogba scores and it’s a great performance.

7.) 17 Jan 2021 18:53:20
Ed004, that's Anfield with supporters. An empty Anfield is just another football park. This was a poor Liverpool team whose attackers are woefully out of form and a makeshift defence. Why didn't we have a go at them?

{Ed004's Note - We had two clear cut chances to score and were just one correct through ball away from scoring. Another day and Pogba/Bruno slots in Rashford on one of the many occasions we have}

8.) 17 Jan 2021 19:28:49
A lot is being made of the fact that Liverpool cbs are missing.
VVD is s big miss i'm not sure about the other 2, I think fabinho looks there best cb after VVD
But fab and henderson didn't do much wrong today .
Regardless of what people seem to think liverpool are still a very good team .

Nice to see shaw get some praise on here our 2018 player of the season has been playing well for a while now .
Also I think maguire is playing well again.

9.) 17 Jan 2021 19:51:48
Only difference one year on GDS is that we are top but our fans are still moaning like we are 20 points behind 🤷‍♂️.

10.) 17 Jan 2021 20:16:44
Agree on shaw jred. He was very good today and had been solid all season.
The whole defence played well.
A draw is a fine result.
I didn't enjoy the game or our approach but the result was fine.
Rash was poor bruno martial just as bad but so was mane salah and firmino.
We had 2 best chances but were 2nd best most of the game.
I'm not a big fan of snatch and grab football but its getting results. Happy to be top of the league.

11.) 18 Jan 2021 00:09:37
Problem is a patten emerges, when Bruno doesn’t play well we don’t win.

12.) 18 Jan 2021 11:19:17

I thought Bruno was poor against Burnley, we won 1-0. Where’s the pattern?




Shan UNITED boy's rumour replies


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09 Jan 2021 17:27:50
Ken, you should know when to stop 😂😂😂😂😂.

Shan UNITED boy



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09 Jan 2021 12:34:00
How much did Bruno cost jred? 100m or 200m? If price decided the quality of the player then Pogba would be the best midfielder in the world. Atleast make intelligent arguments to defend.

Is Ole your son in law jred that he can do no wrong?

Shan UNITED boy



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09 Jan 2021 02:08:18
Jred will berate Messi and Ronaldo if it came down to it just to defend Ole.

Shan UNITED boy



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15 Dec 2020 16:06:11
Very unlike Shappy to kick a player when he 8s down. Romero now. Did he contact you that he is happy like that or do you want a player coming out in the press and creating a storm?

Shan UNITED boy



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23 Nov 2020 12:00:09
Ah ok, understood. Thanks Ed.

Shan UNITED boy




Shan UNITED boy's banter replies


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28 Jan 2021 14:04:46
Yeah Redwhiskey. Its rubbish. No questions there. You are the only grown up buddy and we are all unborn foetus trying to understand football. Speaking of foetus, have you seen a newborn child trying to crawl for the first time? He would crawl straight into the bedpost or a drawer and hit his head. He can see those obstructions but will still hit them. Why, because his brain isn't fully developed and doesn't understand that its going to hurt him. Analogy sound familiar? The "golden boy" as Blackpool Red rightly puts it - does he not see the wall of defense? People converging on him? Yet he would run straight at them and lose the ball. Funny thing is that the infant would do it twice and stay clear the third time but Rashford even after playing for 6 years at top level keeps doing it. Goals and assists are just stats that cover up. Lacks footballing intelligence. Hyped because he is a local lad from the academy.

Shan UNITED boy



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27 Jan 2021 12:55:03
Hahaha Bond. Apologies! Its the early evening tonic talking. Looks like i am already seeing numbers. But i change my initial stance now. You definitely aren't the one who is Chinese. It be one of the parents then. Zhang would still be the Chelsea coach.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed007's Note - 👍



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27 Jan 2021 12:33:55
Ah so its Patricia. I would have definitely said it was you Ed047. And let's leave wee Zhang Wei to be one of the Chelsea coaches.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed007's Note - Ed047? We'll have less of your cheek laddie! 😁



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19 Jan 2021 17:06:48
Hey we have a quick learner. Clearly things aren't as bad as some would have you believe 😁😁.

Shan UNITED boy



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19 Jan 2021 16:25:17
Funny jred, if 5 replies on one post of mine is you avoiding me, my god if you took interest in me i would have to scoot to a parallel universe.

Shan UNITED boy