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17 Jun 2024 11:00:10
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16 Jun 2024 12:32:54
Just wondering if anyone on here would take Ian Maatsen for the £35m release clause?


{Ed002's Note - It does not work like that. The fee is an option that Borussia Dortmund can buy the player for after his loan.}


16 Jun 2024 13:53:00
With respect Ed002, I've not seen any reference to that 'option' anywhere, but have seen every reference to the £35m price being a release clause (including two that specifically state this clause applying to any club) .

Any idea if he has a clause that would relate to United?


{Ed002's Note - That figure is from the loan contract between Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. There are other interested sides, but not Manchester United.}


15 Jun 2024 23:39:44
Ed002 any truth juve are now looking at sancho? Would we accept loan with option deal? Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Jadon Sancho (W) Borussia Dortmund would take the player back but would not pay more than half of what they sold him for and will step back unless the demands of the player and club are more reasonable, or a further loan is offered. Newcastle may have provided an option but signed an alternative. Agent approached Spurs but they can be discounted. Perhaps a loan to buy for Juventus, but they will not accept an obligation to buy. RBL may be open to a discussion.}


16 Jun 2024 14:18:27
No way utd should reduce what they want, utd havd had their pants pulled down enough times so if they want sancho pay up, been decent so £35m isn't unreasonable. Sod aloan might as well keep him and try and patch things up with ten hag if dortmund want to throw a hissy fit.


16 Jun 2024 21:09:25
No do not keep him he’s burnt his bridges as far as united is concerned. I’d take any sort of fee really as other clubs will know he’s finished at united who want him moved on. We don’t hold all the cards here because of it. He cannot do it in the prem, mentally weak and if the Laurie Whitwell story true good riddance as he thinks too much of himself and nothing about the team.


16 Jun 2024 22:09:03
If you want a player gone but won't accept a price anyone is willing to play is that actually sensible or good business?

You aren't stopping your pants being pulled down by refusing to sell for a price anyone is willing to pay, if no one will pay it then that's not his price it's just a pony figure.

Reality is he isn't going to play under Ten Hag therefore his wages are just wasted cash on the balance sheet and any kind of fee is better than no fee for a player that doesn't play.

And why is any club going to roll over give. The very public history of ETH and Sancho, United aren't in the driving seat here at all.


17 Jun 2024 06:42:47
Spot on nelly, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the club. Take what we can get for him and move on. He hasn’t been decent either, he’s been very poor.


15 Jun 2024 21:15:42
Hi Ed, is there any likely landing spot for Greenwood? There’s talk of Juventus but today as well Valencia. Think either are interested?


{Ed002's Note - Mason Greenwood (F) Time to move on - offered to Lazio, Marseille and Atalanta but none seem to be biting. Turkey, perhaps with Mr Mourinho at Fenerbahce, or the Middle East might provide permanent options. Napoli, Atletico Madrid or Real Sociedad may offer an option but the fee will be too high for Getafe to buy, but they will try to find a creative solution or another loan. He is on the list of Michael Emenalo, but that may not suit the player. Agent wants him to move to Italy for a fresh start and has suggested to Juventus that they offer an exchange for Chiesa. Juventus will want to keep transactions clean and may be willing to pay €20M or so.}


16 Jun 2024 00:45:39
Wow €20m for a player that would be worth €80m if he wasn’t so touchy feely. Such potential, what a shame things have turned out this way for both him and the club.


16 Jun 2024 02:12:59
I find it odd we haven’t even just terminated his contract and the fact we are going to get any money for the vile human.

The quicker he’s off our great clubs books the better.


16 Jun 2024 03:03:40
Jeez wazza, there was a few ways to make that point, and that wasn't it. Yes, it is disappointing that a player who was listed as the most valuable player in europe in some circles at one stage, could be worth less than scot mctominay. But the blame lies firmly with him, and I am happy he is not coming back.


16 Jun 2024 07:39:21
Oh absolutely dodgy, I didn’t blame anyone else.


16 Jun 2024 00:11:05
Thanks Ed, hopefully it can move on quick for all parties now.


15 Jun 2024 08:52:04
A good friend is friends with someone senior at Peterborough United. Strong links to United through Ferguson and Fry.

Sound bites are that things are far from well under the bonnet with ETH and there are still chances he will not sign contract on terms put forward.

Issues are his own responsibilities (reduced) and concerns over some parts of his coaching setup and his own pragmatism. Also relationship between SJR and ETH is feisty to say the least.

Info a few days old now so he may have signed since. I live in hope.


15 Jun 2024 11:35:41


15 Jun 2024 12:06:22
Funny how now the manager is staying and given your clear dislike for the manager that suddenly you have contacts that say things are different to how they are generally reported. Especially as it supports your view.

Very convenient.


15 Jun 2024 12:14:46
Yet more credible reporters have said that ETH is more than happy with his responsibilities and agrees that the club needs a head of recruitment.

But we’ll take the word of Dave from the Dog and Duck 👍.


15 Jun 2024 12:53:02
Peterborough United? Cracking source/ sauce! 😂😂😂.


15 Jun 2024 14:07:47
{Ed002's Note - I have no idea about contract extensions but others they spoke to were not interested in the job. See what happens after the Euros. }

This rumour may well be correct, read what ed002 wrote.


15 Jun 2024 14:41:19
Don’t think I’ll bother posting in here again.


{Ed002's Note - I'll have your account deleted then.}


15 Jun 2024 15:55:59
This site is called Manchester United Rumours and you've all jumped on someone who has posted a rumour.

It's not exactly encouraging for people who might want to post a rumour in the future

Thanks for the rumour BRD.


15 Jun 2024 16:56:57
Let’s hope you’re right, BRD.

With the executive team soon to be making decisions about transfers and tactics, we need a coach who can get those ideas across and keep the players motivated: two things that Ten Haag has proven to be woefully incapable of doing.

Aside from his very public spats with Sancho and Ronaldo, it sounds like he’s had bust ups with Varane, Cas, Rashford, and Antony, at the very least. If the guy can’t even get on with the signings he chooses, it seems somewhat unlikely that he’ll do any better with somebody else calling the shots.


15 Jun 2024 19:54:39
Mancman, it isn't a rumour, it is a fictitious piece of garbage from someone who doesn't like a decision.

Read the last sentence.

'I live in hope'


In the words of Red from Shawshank redemption, 'Hope will get you killed'


15 Jun 2024 21:17:28
Nah Jimbo Red, I doubt someone would invent something that random. Why can't we just take the rumour in good faith? BRD would have to be a really saddo to make up and post something like that.

Plus it reads to me that he hopes Ten Hag has signed a contract.


15 Jun 2024 22:07:45

I saw something the other day that mentioned his assistant rubs a lot of people up the wrong way and had run ins with McLaren so to me it doesn't sound like he has made it all up.


15 Jun 2024 22:48:22
Sign the contact or don’t sign. that's up to ETH. Reckon he’ll be gone by Xmas either way.


16 Jun 2024 00:48:07
Jimbo you’re arguing with the same person across multiple accounts here. It isn’t worth your time.


16 Jun 2024 01:17:03
Lol and so it begins.


16 Jun 2024 08:02:49
Am inclined to believe United and ETH more a marriage of convenience at the moment: INEOS clearky couldn’t get their first choice and have settled with ETH for now.

However, reports about end of season review apparently highlighted the following concerns about ETH:

1. Communication issues, with some players not understanding his instructions or even buying into the repetitive way he tried to drill them in.

2. Inflexible and unwilling to take on board advice from other coaches. Be a problem for new United structure.

3. Desire to have power with transfers etc; not willing to forego veto he currently has.

Thus, unless ETH signs a contract that addresses these issues, he will surely leave sooner rather than later.

I also think that this is linked to INEOS treading water and not making such an important decision until Ashworth arrives, maybe in the Autumn.

So thanks for your rumour BRD: really wouldn’t surprise me if ETH does go soon.

(Also, snippet from Ed002 post about see what happens after the Euros…)


16 Jun 2024 08:39:17
nothing changes. Those who wanted him gone will be out in full force after every bad result and those who wanted him to continue will focus more on the positives, that's football.

I think people using player issues as stick to beat the manager is clutching at straws as there seems to be an issue with every manager and some of these players, who want to run riot at the club and ill disciplined and suspect the review has highlighted that given some of the statements that has come out from Ineos.

One thing for sure many of the players put in major shifts for him and most are the ones people really like and the untouchable group.

Still waiting for clubs to line up to buy this so called incredible player Sancho for a fraction of what we paid for him who eth has ruined or been responsible for the fall out supposedly :)

Personally hope we get a lot of outs and 4 maybe 5 quality ins. I trust with a better group of players he will do exceptionally well.

I don't believe all the stories circulating about a 35 to 50 mill budget. it's stirring the pot as usual when it comes to united. The 2021 financials, which were very bad drop out come end of June and we should have a much higher budget on transfers. If we can shift players would not surprise me to see 200 mill spend.

Here is to hoping we get a lot of key things done this summer.


16 Jun 2024 08:50:37
Yet you feel its worth your time replying wazza? Not the brightest bulb are ya.


16 Jun 2024 08:59:04

If you are referring to the story circulating about cas being unhappy we went for Hoiland and not Kane or were late to chase rice. Those were club decisions.

Also if you are referring to Antony being a twat and being unhappy when asked to play left back late in a game with the team having no left back most of the season and think that's okay then that's a strange view and doubt at most other top clubs it would be tolerated. Camavingha played left back for real season before last including the semis against city.

And if rash is unhappy for being asked to play wide because we bought a young striker who plays down the middle and also help defensively. Or sanch and ronaldo both ignoring instructions to press the ball and wanting to do their own thing, I guess we have a different philosophy all together when it comes to management, players and what's acceptable behavior and what is not.

Clutching at straws mate. at least wait until we lose a game before it starts:)


16 Jun 2024 10:42:43
Ahmad, you are absolutely right about the players having problems with successive managers.

It makes you wonder how some can defend the players.

The latest rumours are Varane and Casemiro being unhappy that training at Manchester United is different to at Real Madrid. I do wonder if these players have a few brain cells to rub together between them.

It should be perfectly obvious that if you choose to move employer, you are going to be expected to learn new policies and procedures. That is true whether you are a footballer or an office worker. The response to these players should be swift, you’re not at Real Madrid now, you chose to switch employer, and now you adapt to our way of working.


16 Jun 2024 10:42:50
Noted Wazza, thanks for the heads up. Can probably pick the other account names!


16 Jun 2024 11:08:13
Just a guess Jimbo due to the broken record that’s playing.


16 Jun 2024 11:11:08
Ahmad. Funny how they always seem to be “club decisions” when it suits your narrative.

And we’ve already lost more than enough games, thanks. Fact is, we’ve been awful since the Carabao Cup final back in January 2023, and were it not for Rashford’s unprecedented purple patch, Ten Haag would have been out the door last summer rather than this one. Hopefully, one of INEOS’s main targets becomes available before the start of the season and we can finally start to rebuild.


16 Jun 2024 14:53:31

You are clutching at straws. get used to seeing him as the manger and i suspect for a lot longer than you think. You are referring to the Laurie Whitwell article from the athletic, which is very detailed from the start of eth tenure. Funny how you take bits and pieces to suit your argument that is far from some of the core issues at the club that sounds unbelievable. my take was the manager is the least of our problems and many things to get fixed before you get to the manager.


16 Jun 2024 21:31:02
Everyone bashed the OP. Only for ETH to come out today to confirm that the issues with the new contract persist.


17 Jun 2024 06:46:25
He said they still have to find an agreement on the new contract. This isn’t news.


17 Jun 2024 08:20:05
Just hope INEOS not stalling for time to bring Ashworth and Southgate in, so they can rebuild United replicating the process they took with England…

Southgate might get on well with the players but, as witnessed last night, he seems to really lack in-game management and the nous to make changes.


17 Jun 2024 10:55:58
Wallace, gets on well with the players, lacks in-game management etc. Kind of reminds you of another manager we had recently doesn't it?

Honestly, I'm dreading the possibility of Southgate as manager. If we are going to have a manager purely based on his ability to keep the players happy, we should bring Ole back. I still believe that while he certainly wasn't good enough, he could have improved in those areas, arguably had even started to, and I'd much rather suffer through a couple of years of him while he learns to make changes during a match than have Southgate.

For the record, I'm not seriously advocating bringing OGS back (although I wouldn't be as opposed to it as many would I suspect), just ponting out the irony of Southgate being a rumoured target, when he's got such similar weaknesses to Ole, and IMO isn't any better of a manager.


14 Jun 2024 21:51:02
Cunha is a name I’m seeing get mentioned a fair bit over the past few days but hasn’t been mentioned in here for a long time. Ed is there any interest in bringing him in this summer? I know he’s not particularly prolific but I think his all round play could really benefit the team.


{Ed002's Note - Matheus Cunha (S) I am not aware of any interest of Manchester United for a couple of years. Wolves have other attacking departures coming up and will not want to lose Cunha as well.}


15 Jun 2024 11:31:07
I don't think he'd be a bad shout to be honest. Hard working, technical, EPL proven and is a different profile of striker to Hojlund, likes to come deep and link the play, create for those around him. Also capable of playing wide if needed so offers another option there which would lessen the need to sign another player for the wide areas this summer. The only real downside is that he'd likely be expensive for the level he is at and the role we need him for.

I think there are other players of a similar profile available from outside the EPL for much less than he'd cost.

Ultimately this, like any signings we potentially make from the EPL, comes down to whether its worth paying a premium to lower the risk that they fail to adapt to the EPL.

If we can only make 3-4 signings this summer, is it worth paying a bit more for each of them to lower that risk that they fail to make a real impact.

For me personally it's only worth buying players from outside the EPL if they are significantly cheaper than a EPL proven alternative or there isn't a similar available EPL proven alternative, AND vitally the money saved is put into other transfers to improve the squad and mitigate the risk of a less proven player failing to adapt to the league.

I know I'm in the minority in that view as most people are won over by the fancy, less know player from the continent. We tend to be fairly dismissive of players we see week in week out playing for "smaller" EPL clubs.

Which is kind of weird as we had the majority of our success under SAF by buying the best players in the EPL. Those are the ones who have typically had the biggest impact and have had the highest success rate.

The same can be said for most successful teams, they tend to try and buy the best players from their own leagues rather than spend big on unproven players.

City for example have bought Walker, Sterling, Mahrez Stones, Grealish, Philips and Ake. Even KDB while not bought from an EPL club had EPL experience.

Liverpool bought Gomez, Henderson, VvD, Robertson, Mane, Jota, AOC, Mac Allister, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, Solanke. With again Salah having EPL experience even though he wasn't bought from an EPL team.

Even Arsenal have bought a few EPL proven players to build their squad under Arteta, White, Tierney, Jesus, Rice, Havertz, Zinchenko, Ramsdale, Raya, Trossard, Jorginho, Soares, Ryan and Willian.

Those three teams have built nearly half of their title winning teams (with the exception of Arsenal who haven't won it yet) with EPL proven players.

Bayern Munich do the same in Germany, Real Madrid and Barcelona the same in Spain, PSG in France and the likes of Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan in Italy.

There is something to be said for buy key players for your team from other EPL clubs where the players have proven they are capable in this league and that they just need a bigger, better team around them to step up.

I think this summer it would be prudent if we can make maybe 50% of our signings from the EPL, mixed in with a couple of well scouted players for much cheaper fees from outside of the EPL.

Branthwaite seems to be one, and we have looked at Olise (although he's much further down the pecking order), with rumours of looking at players like Guehi, Joao Gomes, Cunha, Onana, Toney, Eze, Kerkez, Chalobah, Kilman, Tosin, and Ait-Nouri. I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one of those along with Branthwaite join this summer.


15 Jun 2024 12:16:10
I like him, good player. Seems a humble bloke too from the few videos I’ve see.


15 Jun 2024 22:56:50
Shappy, I think that aiming for making signings from inside the premier league is a great way to do our business if there are players available at teams outside of the top 6 who are to the level we need.
As you say, those players are already up to speed and performing in the league so they only have to adapt to playing in our team. If we’re signing players from abroad it should be young players with high ceilings who can grow into the league or great opportunities too good to pass on.
Signing some of the players from the list you provided earlier would be a great start to a rebuild. Branthwaite, Kerkez, Cunha and then in a dream world Neves and Yoro would be fantastic business.


16 Jun 2024 09:11:37
Good post shappy and agree if we can get top players from the PL that's the best route. Unfortunately Maguire and AWB have proven paying stupid money for pl players who are okay is not a good route. Fergie shopped the top tier and bought the best in the pl.

Brantwaite being Pl proven, one season at a team who was fighting relegation does not justify the lofty price tags and better defenders out there for that kind of money. Van der ven went to spurs for half that amount and I would say they have done exceptionally well.

Real Madrid raids the French league every year or best in class from other top leagues and top teams and not sure what you are referring to. Bayern also goes and buys the best from top teams/ rivals in Germany. Its akin to us buying city's best players or arsenal.


16 Jun 2024 16:12:31
Ahmad, obviously it's about getting the balance right. You need to be recruiting players who suit a chosen style of play. They also need to have the the talent and the mentality to step up and be successful.

While there have been many successful signings brought into the EPL from all corners of the world. I strongly suspect if you looked at all the EPL transfers that those signed from other EPL club have a higher success rate than those brought in from other leagues.

It's no good signing someone who doesn't suit your team just because they come from the EPL. Likewise the same can be said about signing players from outside the EPL who don't suit your team just because they are cheaper.

When signing players from the EPL you will pay a premium, with a bigger premium if they are also homegrown, and bigger again if they are also English.

That's just supply and demand. The best English clubs want to have the best English players, those are few and far between and thus cost more.

Passports shouldn't matter when signing players, but they do. And to suggest otherwise is to choose to be blind to it.

Firstly, clubs need a certain amount of homegrown players to meet the squad requirements of the league. Secondly, in terms of branding an English club will want to use English players, just as a Spanish club with Spanish players or a German club with German players. It's important for their image and to sell merchandise.

I'm not saying we should only sign players from the EPL, but that typically the best side in any league tends to sign the best players from their own league.

If we want to get back to the top then we need to try and bring in more of the top players from the EPL. Not only does it go some way to minimising the chance of that player failing, it also weakens league rivals.

Look at Klopp's Dortmund, they started to threaten Bayern's dominance, then Bayern signed Lewandowski, Götze and Hummels from Dortmund. Strengthening their side and weakening a rival.

When City first started to become a top EPL side they made a habit of signing players from Arsenal, as did Chelsea. As these sides signed Arsenals best players they overtook Arsenal in the league and established themselves as a top side. Even we took RvP from Arsenal when the opportunity presented itself.


14 Jun 2024 16:41:08
Ornstein reporting united have made an opening bid of 35 million for branthwaite. sanity rules i guess, starting to really like ineos.


14 Jun 2024 17:09:41
First offer always was going to be low

everton need the money by the end of the month

Will prob end at 40-45 plus 5-10 in addons

But young potential signings is what we should be doing build a young team.


14 Jun 2024 18:20:29
Glad we’re not going in with a ridiculous opening offer, but am half expecting one of the other big clubs to do so. Can’t say I’d mind too much if they did.


14 Jun 2024 18:23:12
And we have lift off! Nice. Expect a swift rejection but that’s part of the game.


15 Jun 2024 07:45:38
Rejected but frames where we think the valuation is for him and glad to see us have some discipline. Don't hear anyone else in for him given so many clubs are looking for cb's.

I expect us to get something done in the low 40's or move on to someone else if we are egtting stretched higher. I think ed002 mentioned our priority list of cb's a while ago and he was 4th or 5th choice on the list the rest were more expensive.


{Ed025's Note - it will take over £60m to get JB ahmad, which is dirt cheap considering you paid £80m for slab head and big prices for the other time wasters who are nowhere near as good as Jarrad mate..


15 Jun 2024 08:13:08
Yeah Ed but that’s because we overpaid for those player, glad we aren’t just paying up because Everton want and we are incompetent for once. We know Everton need to sell and while it’s probably lower than JB valuation it’s a good starting point and I’d say £50m plus add ons be about right for potential.


{Ed025's Note - i think its a bit of a low ball offer with an initial bid reportedly being £35m WRD, he has a 4 year deal with us and i think we should keep him rather than sell him for a pittance mate, but it seems like he wants to go so i suppose a deal will be struck somewhere but if it was up to me the bidding would start at £60m, he will turn out to be a stellar player and FEC i expect..


15 Jun 2024 08:28:37
Doubt it will be much below £70m.


{Ed025's Note - i agree spenno..


15 Jun 2024 08:19:00
Ed025. That we paid up for slab head doesn’t follow that we should do the same for other players now. The ethos of the club in that respect is hopefully changing dramatically and what we value a player at and pay will, again, hopefully, be way more realistic.


{Ed025's Note - the likes of Utd and other big clubs will always have to pay a premium Fizz, everyone puts at least 25% on their price when the big boys come a calling thats just the way it is mate..


15 Jun 2024 09:20:24
United are just chancing their luck off the back of Everton’s financial circumstance I guess. This summer will be about United working in the transfer market and trying to undo poor performance over the past how ever many windows. Everton know they can state £70M because previously United have paid those prices. £55/ £60M with add ons up to £70M would probably be fair in this market for a player who we could get 10 years out of.


15 Jun 2024 10:35:11
ED025, Everton need to sell, so unless they can sell other players instead of JB before 30th June, then I think Utd might actually get him for £50 million plus add ons.


{Ed025's Note - hopefully other bids will come in and drive the price up MH, but i suppose £50m + add on,s is in the ball park mate..


15 Jun 2024 11:11:33
I don't think this new management structure is into going in the area people are talking about or even value him at those numbers. look at Ashworth case.

If we go to 50 mill plus add ons that's 60 mill. No one else will come in for him at those numbers. Still say low 40's plus add ons then we walk away.

60 mill is leny yoro zip code. easy choice to make if we are spending that kind of money and if the player is on board to coming.


15 Jun 2024 15:10:54

I agree, a deal like that would probably suit both parties aswell.


{Ed025's Note - he is certainly open to it MH, and i expect it will happen mate..


16 Jun 2024 11:05:25
There will be wiggle room on the price, it'll be more than United would ideally like to pay, but less than Everton want. That's the way negotiations work.

I expect we'll start to see prices come down a little over the next couple of seasons.

Lots of clubs have been hit by the pandemic and now have FFP/ PSR issues because of the loss of revenue during that time.

Simply put clubs just have less to spend.

Everton are in a pinch and need money before June 30th, yet very few teams can afford to spend before then due to their own PSR issues and balancing the books.

That means Everton either accept a lower offer than might otherwise be expected, or they don't make raise the money needed and probably end up with another points deduction.

United are in a similar boat, we can't afford to spend too much before June 30th. While we might be able to pay a bigger fee afterwards, that won't be of any use to Everton at that point.

If United are the only team coming in for any Everton players before June 30th then it really puts them up against the wall and United will probably get Branthwaite for a much lower fee because of that. The other thing to factor in is that all of the fee from Branthwaite will be considered profit. Onana is the other player often linked with being sold to raise funds. Yet because he was bought for a few that could reach 33m there will still be a certain amount of his fee to be amortised meaning 15-20m of what they sell him for won't count as profit and therefore doesn't help them with PSR. They'd need 50-60m up front for Onana to solve the PSR issue compared to 35-40m for Branthwaite. The reality is that there probably isn't anyone who'll be able or willing to pay the amount they would need for a player like Onana to satisfy the PSR requirements.

From what I gather Everton need between 35-40m in their account before June 30th.

That will be why United's reported opening offer is around that figure. Also United can't really afford to pay much more than that before the end of June either.

I'd expect there to be some compromise, where United pay 35-40m upfront (whatever Everton need for PSR), then there to be some add-ons payable at a later date depending on certain criteria being met. Probably with around half the add-ons being fairly easy to meet (number of games etc) and the other half being harder (linked to club success) .

I'd imagine the total package might be worth around 60m if all add-ons are met, with United realistically probably paying 50-55m when all is said and done.

It'll save Everton from further PSR sanctions, while the larger figure will be reported to help them save face. Yet it'll still be less than they want and most Everton fans will rightly feel a little bitter about it.

As a United fan I'm not going to lose any sleep over the club taking advantage of another clubs situation. After all many clubs have ripped us off when selling players to us and have taken advantage when buying players.

Just looking at Everton for example they charged us more for Rooney than the price they agreed with Newcastle, pushed us with Fellaini to get a premium deal, while they also got cut price deals for players like Saha, Howard, Phil Neville, Gibson, Cleverley and most recently James Garner.

Even if we get Branthwaite for 20m less than current market value, Everton will still be the side that has had the better of the transfer dealings overall between the clubs over the past 20 years.

However, I can still sympathise with the Everton fans who'll be reeling at losing their most promising player and the club won't even be able to take advantage of it or use the money to buy a replacement. Much like ourselves under the Glazers we had to suffer for the incompetence of our owners, Everton fans are suffering the same right now. So I can easily sympathise with them over that.

I just hope that they have the decency to see past the likely lower fee and they give Branthwaite a fair reception when he plays against them and not to take out the situation the club are in on the player. He's been a good player for them, given his all and his sale will probably play a big part in helping the club get some financial stability and hopefully avoid more points deductions next season.


14 Jun 2024 09:37:45
Hello Ed,

Multiple reports linking us to Maximillian Beier. Any truths in this? Also, what do you think of the player?


{Ed002's Note - Maximilian Beier (S/F) Opted for a contract extension at Hoffenheim over a move to Brentford after a loan at Hannover. Seen as a potential Hlozek replacement for Bayer Leverkusen or a Sesko Replacement for RBL. Everton, Manchester United, Liverpool and Luton have sent scouts to watch the player. May be available in the summer.

I don't have any thought about young men.}


14 Jun 2024 10:59:16
Thanks, Ed. Love that last bit.

What type of player is he? Would he do well in the PL?


{Ed002's Note - I was suprised with RBL considering him as a a potential Sesko replacement but to be fair I have been told he has improved as time has moved on. He is young at 20 or 21 and might do OK.}


14 Jun 2024 12:42:16
Would prefer fine mature lady don't we ed 😉.


14 Jun 2024 14:32:04
Thanks, ED.


16 Jun 2024 11:18:32
He looks a decent player on the little I've seen. My concern would be he's had one good season playing in a league where attackers haven't typically transferred well from into the EPL.

Far more Sancho's, Kagawa's, Werner's, Haller's and Pulisic's than there are Haaland's and Sane's.

I'd want him to have another season where he improves on what he's done this season, even then I'd want a deal where we pay a lower initial fee, with more dependent on performances. Just to protect us from another potential Bundesliga flop.

Sesko is another that I'd be a little wary about (but less so than Beier), I think he has the physical requirements and is young enough to adapt. Although I think he'd be better off joining a club that already had a first choice ST option where he could slowly bed in. Højlund suffered a little this season from not having someone to shoulder the burden with.

The one forward I would absolutely take from the Bundesliga this summer would be Lois Openda. But he has proven himself in the Netherlands with Vitesse on loan, with Lens in Ligue 1 (a league that players tend to adapt well to the EPL from) and with Leipzig. He'd be my first choice option if money was no object this summer. He's a proven player with a different profile to Højlund, he can drop deep and play as a false 9, play wide or play as a second striker off of a player like Højlund. The only real problem is he'd be very expensive, 60-70m I'd imagine and we just don't have that sort of money for a striker this summer.


13 Jun 2024 21:35:56
Terms agreed with braithwaite we now need to agree a fee with Everton.


13 Jun 2024 22:22:03
Yup just to sort the deal with Everton now. In other news Ornstein has also said us along with Liverpool and PSG are pushing for Yoro but are wary Madrid may come in guessing it's all based on price.


13 Jun 2024 23:16:16
Good news if true! Although increasing his wages from £40k to £150k seems excessive if reports are right.

Also seeing we are linked with Yoro and tracking De Ligt. I'll be happy if we can complete on one of them if we can move another defender on.


14 Jun 2024 06:18:40
Personally hope not and quite a few out there that i like better. Yoro is a different class for me, bremer, todibo, tapsoda, silva all much better. hope he does not turn into a next maguire.

Overhyped British player with crazy valuation.


14 Jun 2024 06:56:35

In a world where Wesley Fofana was once bought for £70m plus add-ons, based on 57 appearances, I think Branthwaite is far better value for £70m.

Is Fofana British?


14 Jun 2024 07:03:11
Ahmad, how on earth can you say those players mentioned are better? None have played in the prem whereas branthwaite has been standout in a struggling Everton team who had an outstanding defensive record.
Not sure who has been over hyping him either.


14 Jun 2024 07:41:08
Be very interesting to see the final transfer fee agreed if we arrive at one. Will show whether we have progressed in negotiations or not.


14 Jun 2024 07:56:23
What was it folk said about which foot he used. 🥱🥱🥱.


14 Jun 2024 08:21:13
I think could be a fun 3-4 weeks. Branthwaite seems to have been our first choice for a while. We will see at least one CB, but that will depend on the futures of Maguire and Lindelof I guess. May be this summer we can only sell one, and I’d sell Lindelof. De Ligt is a signing that would akso be a no brainer for me if we can get him.

Ed 2 has discussed Zirkzee, but is likely Milan bound. Jonathan David has popped up again, and could be a shrewd bit of business. He’s versatile, scores goals, a good age profile at 24, and ready for a step up to support Hojlund.

Then we have to address the midfield conundrum - but guess again that depends if we can sell Sancho and Casemiro.

All change!


14 Jun 2024 08:30:29
Guys just a personal opinion. Not great in distribution imo and if you check out top speed stats I believe he has the lowest of the group I mentioned. If it happens, I hope he proves me very wrong. He goes to ground far too often for my liking and good/ great CB's stay on their feet and bully you off the ball.


Just because Chelsea do crazy deals on a consistent basis it does not justify us following suit. Its like saying Antony cost 80 million so we should spend 100 million on another winger, who is not worth it.

For me Branthwaite is 40 mill player. No way he is worth 70 mill when supposedly Silva is available for slightly higher. The gap between the two is significant imo. Anyone who think Branthwaite is in the league of Taposoda at leverkusen needs a head check or has not watched either player properly imo.

Chelsea are like a trading house when it comes to players and I have lost track of who is there, who goes in and who goes out. Is Fofana even playing much?

Finally how can you justify paying him 150k a week when Mainoo and Garnacho are on 20k and 80k I believe. The whole story sounds bs to me or way off the mark in terms of where the real numbers will be if it happens.

40% to 50% of transfers generally don't pan out as you expected. Shifting a CB at 150k and 70 mill cost if he does not work out becomes our next issue and groundhog day for a club that is supposedly very tight on finances and has massive capital outlay coming in terms of new training ground and a new stadium.


14 Jun 2024 08:58:09
Vibes of Phil Jones with this guy. Future united and england captain… hmm.


14 Jun 2024 09:16:56
Admittedly I’ve not watched Braithwaite every week, but anything over £30m seems a massive gamble, in my opinion.

He’s had one season in a team that sits deep and doesn’t play in a style that ETH apparently wants to. To spend that much on him seems crazy to me. From reports, it’s basically our entire summer budget on one largely unproven player.

Don’t know why, but he gives me Phil Jones vibes.

Obviously hoping I’m taking rubbish and he turns out to be world class.


14 Jun 2024 09:35:51
Branthwaite looks a quality player but the whole deal needs to be right. Something more like £40/ 50m with reasonable add ons might be more realistic.

Also, would Maguire going the other way be something that could help. I am sure Maguire would like a bigger club but who is looking at him, feels like they could be a good fit.

If we do bring in a second young CB we will have quality depth, flexibility if we wanted to try 3 at the back and also allow for Martinez to cover RB/ HM if required.


14 Jun 2024 09:43:08
I think Branthwaite makes a lot of sense. He's young, British (homegrown), comfortable on the ball and great at covering in the channel, can play either LCB or RCB as he's naturally left footed but very comfortable with his right, which means he can cover for Licha at LCB or play RCB alongside him, he's also EPL proven (even players who've shown world class ability on the continent have flopped in the EPL) .

The only drawback is the price, yet in truth we NEED to recruit some homegrown players as the likes of Heaton, Evans, Maguire, AWB, McTominay, Sancho, Greenwood and possibly Rashford are likely to leave either this summer or next. So we need to bring in top quality homegrown players to replace them.

Of the homegrown players available Branthwaite is amoungst the best and possibly has the highest ceiling.

The only other homegrown players that I'd want is to sign other than Branthwaite are Olise, Guehi and Wharton.

All three play for Palace, Wharton won't be sold unless for a massive fee. Olise looks a good bet if we can raise the funds, but in truth plays in a position that isn't a top priority during a window where our budget will be limited. While I like Guehi and I'd be happy if we signed him Branthwaite is better in the air, younger, and has a higher ceiling. I also don't think there would be much of a difference in terms of transfer fee either.

I agree if the wages reported are accurate that seems a bit on the steep side. Although we don't know if they are accurate or whether those figures are linked to bonuses or clauses. If it's 80-100k basic wage and the rest linked to appearances and clean sheets then I don't have too much of a problem with it.

I don't actually mind us paying higher wages than most as long as they are linked to performances.

I wonder for example if 40% of Rashford's wages were linked to performances then would we have seen more from him this season? Yeah, I expect so.

For me to make this a successful transfer window we need to in priority order:

1. Move on all or as many of the players that aren't suited to the style we want to play or the level we need. We need to cut down the squad. It'll be almost impossible to cultivate a good dressing room atmosphere with a bloated squad with a dozen players hardly ever getting any playing time.

2. Target the priority areas first, CB, CDM and ST are absolute essentials. Then can we get a second CB, fullbacks, a second midfielder etc.

3. Get deals done for priority targets early, we can't afford to have key players joining after the season has started. We need to get them in, get them settled and try and hit the ground running at the start of next season.

In that respect Branthwaite is a priority target and we appear to be trying to get it done early.


14 Jun 2024 10:14:42
Ahmad, does it matter that he is slower than the other defenders you mentioned? Does that mean he's not quick? Of all centre-backs under the age of 23 in Europe’s top five leagues, Branthwaite has the highest success rate in defensive duels so what do we make of that compared to the list of players you mentioned?

Opinions are fine and we all have different ones but I feel like some fans will turn their nose up at Branthwaite because he's not got the continental surname as the others. You also seem fixated on £70M, we have no idea what the fee will be which is why I said it'll be interesting what the outcome of that is. On the flip side, he plays for us for 10 years, that's a £7M defender each season.


14 Jun 2024 14:05:35
Eric, I mentioned David a few weeks back and was shot down by the usual suspects. Also mentioned JB and again shot down.


14 Jun 2024 17:08:14

You will have been shot down by those still struggling to come to terms with the reality that we don't have a place at the top table anymore.
All this gerfliff about players being 'not at our level, and 'not United quality' - these people need the coffee more than most.

Jonathan David would, imo, be a very wise signing, like our own version of Trossard who, for Arsenal, is arguably the most underrated player at the club.
Additionally, Lille need to shift him this summer and, at 24 with plenty of potential to improve, he fits the SJR profile.


I agree that, from the outset, £70m for a CB is a lot, but he can play with either foot which, considering the defensive injury crisis we've just seen, would be very handy.
Of course he's not Tapsoba or Silva, but are we realistically going to be an option for either of them?
We need to be sensible this summer, but sensible can be expensive.
For most of last season, the left side of our defence was ruined by injury. Our 3 primary left-footed options of Martinez, Shaw and Malacia played a combined total of 23 PL games last season.
Do we know if we'll ever see Malacia in red again?
Is Martinez going to be one of those players dogged by niggles, like a Varane?
Is Shaw's body now shot?
Ultimately, £70m for the player is maybe too much, but £70m for something of a solution to a problem area might well be worthwhile.


14 Jun 2024 22:54:23
Who reported this?


14 Jun 2024 18:46:43

Its an opinion. He goes to ground too often and I don't like CB's who do that. They get found out against better players who have a bit of awareness and trickery. He slide tackles like a midfielder all the time and brave in the tackle, I give him that. He is a proto type sit deep english defender and average passer imo.

Of course what we spend on a player matters. The biggest issue for this club has been transfer cost and wages for years. I am sure the ones prior to him were all seen as a long term investment but many have turned out to be tulips and hard to even shift.

If the club is buying him is okay with me and hope it turns out well but the wages and cost has to make sense in a window where we are supposedly working with a tiny budget. Being home grown and British does have a premium but does not justify paying nose bleed cost.

The reports are way off the numbers imo.


16 Jun 2024 11:28:00
Ahmad, it's a game of opinions and we all have different points of view.

I quite like Branthwaite and think he's got a lot of potential. He's good at defending the channels and wins an insane percentage of his duels (especially for a 21 year old) . If I'm thinking of the ideal partner for Martinez they need to be a great cover defender, strong in the air, physical with a good but not nessicarily a phenomenal passing range.

I think Branthwaite ticks all of those boxes and if we bring in a second defender like Todibo (also a really good passing range) then a player like Branthwaite makes even more sense. Given his profile, age, potential and the fact that he's homegrown.

I also think his fee will be pretty fair for once. I'd expect something like 35-40m up front to meet Everton's PSR requirements, with a further 15-20m depending on performances and success criteria. Meaning he'll only cost more if he proves to be a good signing.

If we can get a future England international who can be a key player for us for potentially the next decade for less than 60m in the current market that is an absolute bargain.

All the Everton fans I know feel he is currently much better than Stones was at the same age. If he can have a similar trajectory in his career as Stones has since he left Everton then for maybe 60m we have a real bargain.


13 Jun 2024 10:51:33
Morning Ed002,

Any truth to rumours about United swapping Greenwood for Juventus’s Gleison Bremer?

Or just usual click bait?

Thanks for any reply!


{Ed002's Note - Gleison Bremer (CB) Juventus do not want to sell and the player wishes to stay but the club need to raise funds which has led to his representatives testing the waters with Manchester United, Spurs and Chelsea to see if there is interest. He may well emerge as a first choice target for Spurs and Manchester United but Chelsea has a preferred option, but could turn to him as the are struggling to sign their primamry targets. Will cost perhaps €100M.

Mason Greenwood (F) Time to move on - offered to Lazio, Marseille and Atalanta but none seem to be biting. Turkey, perhaps with Mr Mourinho at Fenerbahce, or the Middle East might provide permanent options. Napoli, Atletico Madrid or Real Sociedad may offer an option but the fee will be too high for Getafe to buy, but they will try to find a creative solution or another loan. He is on the list of Michael Emenalo, but that may not suit the player. Agent wants him to move to Italy for a fresh start and has suggested to Juventus that they offer an exchange for Chiesa. Juventus will want to keep transactions clean and may be willing to pay €20M or so.}


13 Jun 2024 11:41:12
Thank you for your swift and detailed response Ed002!

Bit of a difference in respective valuations so can’t see swap happening….


{Ed002's Note - I would agree.}


13 Jun 2024 14:31:50
I think the difference in valuations has always been our issue when it comes to selling players.

Because we pay high fees AND high wages we have to sell for a certain price to avoid taking a big financial hit.

As is my understanding when we sell a player unless the buying club takes on their wages in full the club still have to pay the difference in most cases (unless the player will forgo what they are owed just to leave) .

If we sell Antony for example, he has three years left on his deal of 200k per week. That's 31.2m in wages he is owed. While there is still around 34.4m left of his fee to amortised.

If a buying club is only prepared to pay him 100k per week (and to be honest who'd be prepared to pay him that? ) then that means he'll get 15.6m over the next 3 years. Meaning he misses out on a further 15.6m which he'd get at United. Manchester United would need to pay him that to make up the difference.

Which means to break even United would need to sell him for a bare minimum of 50m (34.4m fee to be amortised + 15.6m difference in wages) . Anything less and United take a loss, and that's if someone would pay him 100k a week. If they offer less in wages we'll have to pick up the difference.

No one will pay that for him. So the decision is whether it's better to keep Antony in the squad, or take a financial loss which means we probably can't afford to replace him.

It's the same with Casemiro and his monster wages. Meaning we are probably better off selling to Saudi for a smaller fee but with them taking all the wages then selling for a larger fee to a European club who'll only pay half his wages.

In terms of Greenwood his wages aren't too high, he might be more inclined to take a slight loss to just move on and we have no fee to amortise. So it's purely profit.

However, he is one of the fee saleable assets we have, and even that is limited due to him being considered "damaged goods". Without the arrest and everything that followed he'd be a 70-100m player right now. What he's worth and what the club can get will not be the same as buying clubs know United need to sell more than they need to buy. So unfortunately for us it will have to be United to take the hit and sell for less than they would like to move him on. Especially as every year this drags on his contract dwindles along with his value. United's best chance is to sell for a smaller fee to a "smaller" club but included a sell on clause. Sell him to a Getafe sized club where he can develop and hopefully attract the attention of a top European side who'll pay a large fee for him of which we get a percentage. Rather than sell him to a Juventus for a larger fee, even with a sell on clause, as few teams will buy him for a big fee from a club like Juventus.


13 Jun 2024 15:53:38
I guess Rashy is still technically our most valuable asset, although I wonder what prime Garnacho would fetch these days.
We are lumbered with these players on longer contracts. Hopefully there's now going to be some kind of wage structure in place.


13 Jun 2024 17:05:59
If €20m is the most we can get for Greenwood then I’d rather we kept him. It would cost us four or five times that amount to sign a player of his quality. We spent €80m on Antony, and he’s not fit to clean Greenwood’s boots.


13 Jun 2024 18:03:26
redseven, selling Greenwood has nothing to do with his ability. He needs to move on for the best of both the club and the player. Now its just about getting the best deal for the club.


13 Jun 2024 18:11:47
Antony = £86m
Mitoma = £2.5m

Someone should go to jail over that.


13 Jun 2024 19:09:08
Shappy. I don’t think that letting one of our best players go for a fraction of what he’s worth is what’s best for the club and I don’t think that being sent off to another country where he doesn’t speak the language is what’s best for a 22 year-old with clear behavioral issues (nor his partner, who will once again be isolated from all of her friends and family) .


13 Jun 2024 19:53:29
I imagine Greenwood’s italian is stronger than tevez’s english was lol.


14 Jun 2024 06:26:13
Redseven, he's only worth what another club will pay for him. If 20m is that figure then he's worth 20m.

As for what is best for him, I can't imagine that is the absolute dog's abuse he'd get in every away ground in England, or the constant social media campaigns against him, or the print media articles putting every aspect of his and his young families life under the microscope on a weekly basis, etc etc.

We got a small glimpse of what to expect last summer when the club made him available for selection again and he was front page of every tabloid, and trending on social media, we had charities coming out and lambasting the decision and even politicians.

Do you think that is best for him, his partner or their child?

Many players play in countries where they don't speak the language. I absolutely have reservations over her being potentially isolated in a foreign country with a man who has been abusive in the past. Yet for right or for wrong she has chosen to stay with him and even have a child with him. She is now tied to him through that child forever.

Hopefully he is able to access the help he needs in other countries, I don't think the UK has a monopoly on therapists, so he should be able to.


14 Jun 2024 07:04:24
€20m may be what other clubs are willing to pay for him, but he’s worth a lot more than €20m to us. As per one of my previous posts, replacing him with a player of equal quality will cost us three or four times that amount.

As for the abuse, he’s going to get that wherever he goes, as we saw during his time in Spain. He’ll probably get some racist abuse thrown in there too if he goes to Italy, if their track record is anything to go by.

Ultimately, abuse is something that he’s just going to have to learn to live with. At least in the UK, though, there is a support structure in place for him and (more importantly) his young family.


14 Jun 2024 09:53:52
Is he worth more than 20m to us? If having him in the squad creates a negative media storm around the club next season that distracts the players, effects performances and ultimately results in finishing outside of the top four would you say he was worth keeping then?

As for the abuse if you can't appreciate that it would be significantly worse in the UK then your mistaken. Also the UK has a habit of targeting those around their targets as well. In Europe most abuse will be restricted to chants in stadiums. Not ideal but something footballers have to learn to deal with.

In the UK it's social media, it's at the supermarket, in a restaurant, at a petrol station, outside your kids school gates. They try to get quotes from friends, family and loved ones. His partner will be asked if he's apologised, why she's forgiven him, maybe be harassed that she's endangering her child by staying with an abusive man.

He has to take that into consideration in terms of whether he wants to stay playing in the UK. Especially at a club like United that increases that media focus 100x.

Apparently he has asked his agent to find him a club in Spain or Italy, that suggests that he doesn't want to return and play in the UK.


15 Jun 2024 09:18:31
Greenwood should 100% stay. It is silly how everyone knows better than those who are actually involved.

If Greenwood himself would want to stay and can handle the "noise", then we should keep him. Everything comes to an end, and so would the crowd noises. In a year or so, it will be an old story and a new "scandal" will appear.


16 Jun 2024 11:29:41
Trololo, it's funny how you know better than the player, the agent, his family and the club. Who all feel it's best for him to move on and have spent nearly a year exploring various moves away.


16 Jun 2024 15:10:21
Because of the fans, Shappy, and you know it. I'm pretty sure he wanted to stay, but cant, because of the so called "fans".


12 Jun 2024 15:52:47
Hi Ed002
What was the reason that United chose to persist with Ten Hag?
Will he still have major voice on transfers or would he need to accommodate to the new structure?

Finally is any contract extension planned for Ten Hag?
Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - I have no idea about contract extensions but others they spoke to were not interested in the job. See what happens after the Euros.}


12 Jun 2024 17:24:19
If a manager became available after the euros would the club consider changing manager ?


{Ed002's Note - It is not quite as simple as that.}


13 Jun 2024 07:50:35
I can understand keeping him on a year. Perplexed by the 2-year extension.

If as rumours are circulating he still has demands for transfer and tactical control before signing then it’s a disaster if the club cave on these. He’s shown questionable ability in both areas. In particular tactical nous against a low block which for me is why we won’t get top-4.

I’m curious Eds if any of you have the time. Did Wilcox have any influence on tactics for Cup Final? The switch to a false nine the game before seems to be credited to him in some quarters.


{Ed002's Note - I really don't know.}


13 Jun 2024 09:55:51
I think it's fairly simple, the club have done their due diligence, they have assessed the situation. Sounded out potential candidates and from the options they have EtH is the best man available right now.

He hasn't done a bad job, two trophies in two years, especially under the circumstances is actually a great return. Only Jose managed better, and he arguably had a better squad and definitely more favourable conditions.

The club will have said their expectations to EtH and he will know what is expected of him and his role at the club.

The new contract could be to formalise his new role, possibly with changes to what was in his previous agreement. If this means EtH gives up certain powers or control I'd expect he'll be compensated for that in some way.

The main reason for the contract though is to put to bed speculation and to try and create an environment where the club can be successful. They have a one year option so in theory he has two year left on his deal, so there is no need to extend from that perspective. Yet if they just left it as it was and then maybe looked to either activate the extension during the first half of next season then all the speculation around the manager would continue and would make his job more difficult.

By giving him a new contract, their contract, they are publicly backing the manager. Which should for the most part put all the speculation to bed and allow the team to focus on performances on the pitch. With the added bonus of maybe having a contract that outlines the managers role within the new set up.

They don't really have much of a choice but to give him a new contract to be honest. Anything less would just see a continuation of the media BS, that has more then likely had a negative effect on the team in the final few months of this season, roll on into next season.

It'll probably be a two year deal with a one year option, taking him to 2026 (2027 with the one year option) . Which is effectively the same two years he has now as the club would absolutely have to activate the one year option (which would take him to 2026 anyway) . As they can't go into next season with the manager out of contract at the end of the season.

Personally I think EtH is a good manager, he has led the club well during a very difficult time, installed discipline, developed young players, improved most players, and has shown tactical acumen.

Is he perfect? No of course not. His main flaws are that some of his transfer signings haven't been great (Antony, Casemiro being the main two) . Although to be fair in context the spending has been oddly constrained with him making more loan signings in two years than SAF made in 27 years. While given the clubs recent history in transfers over the past decade can anyone blame him for wanting control over the signings? Only Bruno can be called a total success in 10 year prior EtH taking over, with maybe Dalot joining him. While I'd say Martinez and Højlund look nailed on successes. Mount if he can stay fit should be a success. While given the fees paid Malacia, Evans and Eriksen haven't been bad signings. You could easily make a case that on balance the permanent signings since EtH joined have been better than the ones made in the near 10 years before him. Although to be fair that's a very low bar.

There has also been rumours that he can be difficult to get on with or distant. If true that's obviously not great, but they are just rumours so that might not be accurate. Certainly he and the players seemed to have a good relationship when celebrating the FA cup win. Maybe it's true, maybe its overstated, or maybe he isn't as open and friendly when things aren't going well as these rumours weren't about during his first season.

The final possible flaw could be in terms of fitness training. Without knowing what has been happening or why it's difficult to assess. But there have been a lot of injuries this year, and a few murmurs that some players aren't happy with the demands. Firstly, if the players aren't prepared to work hard then they aren't the right players for our club. Secondly, this very much depends on what the plan is, if the focus is to try and build up the squads stamina and resilience to play a more physically demanding style then the increase in training intensity is a requirement. As long as this is done with expert input and in line with the most recent science then it's just one of those things we have to accept. If it's not based on good science or without purpose then it's a problem.

Which is why I've said it's only a possible flaw as we don't know the context of it. Also there is a good chance that the increase in injuries is less linked to the club and more linked to the peculiar circumstances caused by having a mid season world cup last year and the knock on effects of players playing back to back international tournaments along with club football and no real break or recovery time. After all we are not the only club to see a big spike in injuries this season, with there being around 28% more player injuries this season across Europe's top 5 leagues.

In balance EtH has done some things well and other things not so well. Depending on his role and the structure put in place by the club many of his potential flaws could be mitigated. If he has less control over transfers for example or if the club bring in a dedicated fitness team to plan training schedules. Then two of the three potential flaws are less influential.

Likewise I'd have expected the club review to assess everything and have a far better idea of the context in which the manager has been working and a better idea about the reasoning behind certain decisions.

If after all that they think EtH is the best man available for next season then who are we to argue. After all they are making that decision with far more knowledge and understanding than we have.

Now is the time to do our job and get behind the manager, and get behind the club and show them support. Otherwise can we really call ourselves supporters?

What I'm interested to see is what tactical evolution we make next season. EtH has shown good tactically flexibility in his first season. Changing things after the first couple of games. Then this season he seemed to change things and be more stubborn with his tactics. Now was that because he wanted to imprint a specific style? Or was that due to him wanting to limit the constant changing of tactics when there was already constant change due to injuries. Was he just trying to limit the demands on players who were already stretched.

It'll be interesting to see what we get next season, especially as you'd assume that the club have said they will want a specific style of play, and you'd assume that EtH must be willing to adapt to that (or it aligns with his preferred style) for him to be staying as manager.


13 Jun 2024 19:45:16
I think we all agree that the right people are in place in the football hierarchy now.

If they have assessed EtH and consider he is the best way forward for the club, then who are we to argue.


13 Jun 2024 21:18:21
Exactly grim.
Let's see how the news of Mason staying goes down.


13 Jun 2024 21:55:46
They have to prove they are the right people first same as everyone else does, they don't get crowned until they have earned it.


14 Jun 2024 00:26:10
Very well elaborated and understandable context Shappy. I was going to say that our defence injuries are due to the amount of forward and tracking back runs they have to do. It would make sense because AG and Rashford never had those injuries. The demand on the muscles to canter out of the box, pass to midfield. and then scurry to defend maybe?


14 Jun 2024 10:05:29
Reddevilfan, defenders tend to pick up more injuries as their role is more physically demanding. All the jumping for headers is hard on their back, knees and ankles. They tend to take more impacts during a game, they also have to change direction quickly when tracking forwards which with them typically being bigger means more weight going through those joints when they quickly change direction.

The other position that tends to pick up a far few injuries are quick forwards who rely on bursts of pace. They tend to end up with hamstring injuries from the quick sprints or impact injuries from late tackles.

Maybe the lack of cover in front of our defence has exasperated the injury issues. Yet it seems more like poor medical advice has been a big factor. With Malacia's knee surgery going wrong first time, and both Martinez and Shaw being rushed back and then breaking down injured again. While in truth both Shaw and Varane are pretty injury prone, and Evans is at an age where injuries are more common. I'd say only Lindelof and AWB's injuries are ones I'd wonder about.

The others make sense or we know what happened.


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