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28 May 2022 11:20:42
Most of the posts go to the Man United Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Man United Discussion Posts page

27 May 2022 19:44:39
Hi Ed002 - it's my birthday in November, as an early gift any chance of one of those ins and out lists you do so well? Appreciate it may be a little early given ETH appointment.

😂 2

{Ed002's Note - Sadly not. Too much grief. It is my brthday in November as well.}

27 May 2022 21:38:20
And mine 🤣.

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27 May 2022 21:48:36
Ed come on please give us one of those special transfer update treats. You know you all do an amazing job.

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27 May 2022 22:08:34
Singh contain yourself. When Ed has info he will share it.

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28 May 2022 11:00:48
Must take Ed ages to do them, hope his gentleman adventuring is allowing him a decent break.

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27 May 2022 17:24:05
Hey Ed02,

I've been told that Lyon are interested in signing Martial, just wondering if it's true?

If not are the club looking to move him on still.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Lyon interest but the club want him gone.}

27 May 2022 19:45:53

What, if any are the options for Martial?

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{Ed002's Note - Anthony Martial (F) Will leave once his loan to Sevilla is over. His agent has spoken with Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Newcastle, Juventus and Arsenal, no doubt amongst others. Lyon remain a club looking for a striker so a deal may be possible but it seems unlikely and they have other options as I have explained. It will be difficult.}

27 May 2022 22:41:22
Thanks ED002.

You mention that it will be difficult is that due to his wage demands and potential transfer fee that the club will demand?

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{Ed002's Note - No, finding a club who will take him.}

28 May 2022 07:43:45
No surprise no one wants him, everyone has seen him play.

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28 May 2022 02:22:48
Thanks ED002,

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27 May 2022 08:59:42
Astonishing rumour circulating that Barcelona are weighing up a move for Maguire.

Any truth in this, Ed?

😂 2

{Ed002's Note - No.}

27 May 2022 11:22:04
I don’t think they are that desperate tbh 😂 ETH will see his “worth” this season and booted next summer.

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27 May 2022 11:29:38
Would have been very surprised if otherwise. Thanks Ed.

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27 May 2022 14:19:08
He has been top of Barca's wanted list for a while. Discussions took place earlier this month over a swap deal with De Jong but agreement on valuations has stopped the deal from being completed.
Once United lower their demands of a pork pie and two sausages then Barcelona will be willing to talk. Maguire is known to be eager to test his skills abroad and sees himself as the natural heir to Messi at Camp Nou.
Negotiations are expected to resume after the Jubilee weekend festivities when Maguire will be attempting to break the world record of keepy-uppys live on ITV.

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26 May 2022 22:48:13
Rumours we're interested in bastoni from inter. can't see it happening myself but he would be awesome.

😃 1

25 May 2022 22:11:44
Reading the posts - United interested in Torres snd Timber amongst other targets
Is it one signing or two?
Would that mean more sales than Bailly and Jones?
Will Tuanzebe be sold this window? He’s shown great promise as a kid but hasn’t really kicked on.

{Ed002's Note - Tuanzebe will leave as well.}

25 May 2022 23:30:24
Would not be surprised if it is both. Would allow for Bailly ane Lindelof to leave and generate funds. We could move to a back 3 or Timber has positional flexibility, we also don't know whether Verane can last a full season.

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26 May 2022 05:21:58
For whatever reasons Tuanzebes chance has gone now. I think Bailly and Jones out is almost certain and there must be a huge question mark over Lindelof- If a bid came in from an Italian or Spanish club where its less physical I can see Lindelof going- never been strong enough, fans are lukewarm about him he just doesn't seem to fit at United.

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26 May 2022 08:02:24
I think it would be easy to get carried away with these fantasies of selling half the squad. We'll need at least 4-5 players capable of playing CB against top teams so imagine we'll be stuck with Lindelof/ Maguire/ Varane for the coming season at least.

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26 May 2022 08:16:58
I doubt EtH will sell Lindelof, he's actually pretty well suited to his style of play. Good passing range, mobile and capable of defending in the wide areas.

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26 May 2022 09:06:39
And still no rumours of Maguire leaving……despite the price tag I think he’s the weakest one out of him, Lindelof and Bailly.

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26 May 2022 09:35:48
Lindelof is targetted by every robust striker in the PL he is as weak as a kitten-if ETH doesn't see that then the defensive problems will continue.

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26 May 2022 09:46:24
Bailly, Lindelof and Maguire aren't good enough in my opinion but the best thing a player can be is available. Bailly simply never is, his injuries have been an issue since his first season and he should be first out of the door in my opinion.

On our CB's, I'm really wanting to see Mengi given a chance at some pointas he looks like he could be a good player. It's all well and good having these promising young players, however, if they never get the chance or we send them to a club that has been picked out of a hat on loan they will stall. We've seen it with plenty of players in the past few years, Fosu Mensah, Henderson, Gomes, Tuanzebe, Dalot etc. Not saying all or even any of them would have become world beaters but their treatment when they were clearly too good for u23's hasn't been great at United and we've seen too many not live up to what they possibly could have been due to it.

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26 May 2022 12:59:08
RJ have to agree. Fosu Mensah was the big one I think. Tuanzebe been very unlucky with injuries at the wrong time. If memory serves right he picked on up as he was about to start v liverpool a couple of years ago and he really looked like breaking into the team.

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26 May 2022 20:07:05
Tuanzebe had it all, strong, quick, good on the ball, and was a real leader at youth level.

He showed real promise in his games for United. Played with a maturity beyond his years.

Unfortunately he got injured at bad moments meaning he missed chances and his development stalled because of that.

It's a shame but he needs to move on for the sake of his career now, although it might have to be a drop down to the championship to prove himself before he might be able to make his way up to the EPL.

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25 May 2022 17:27:35
New name linked, young Valencia keeper Giorgi Mamardashvili as an understudy to DDG.

25 May 2022 17:35:07
Worth a few bob to the club when you get that name on back of jersey.

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25 May 2022 16:22:39
Evening Ed.
Are the club close on Timber? Do you expect him to join the club this Summer?

{Ed002's Note - He is an option as has been explained.}

25 May 2022 16:55:56
Thanks Ed. I’m getting impatient, we’re so slow at conducting business.

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25 May 2022 17:06:07
Ed will we looking to buy two cbs or just the one.

Because we seem to be interested in Torres and Timber, Is it a case that we will look to buy both players as Timber can also cover at RB.

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{Ed002's Note - If MU want him as cover he certainly won’t be joining.}•

25 May 2022 18:39:17
Ole the window isn’t even open.

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25 May 2022 22:03:32
Impatient before the window opens 😂 going to be a long summer for you.

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26 May 2022 06:19:39
Trouble is our two main CB, Varane and Maguire both have big contracts till 2026, unlikely we can move both on at this stage, I can see only one CB joining at most.

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26 May 2022 08:20:27
I expect to see all of Bailly, Jones and Tuanzebe to leave.

That leaves Maguire, Varane and Lindelof as our only senior CB's.

Of those three Varane has been injury prone this season.

While Maguire has been absolute dung. In fact he's been worse than dung as at least dung sticks to its man and can run.

I wouldn't be surprised to see two CB's come in. Defence is the biggest area that needs fixing and in order to play the way EtH wants he needs specific skills from his defenders.

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24 May 2022 20:10:46
Milinković Savic rumours surfaced again this evening. Talk of a €55 million bid made to Lazio.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained about this, repeatedly.}

24 May 2022 20:57:42
I know. Basically we want him, been the favoured choice to replace Pogba for some time but we’ll mess around with silly low offers and probably **** it up.
Or something along those lines?

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24 May 2022 22:44:12
Can’t see him as a ten Haag signing so where’s the point.

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25 May 2022 01:01:26
What about Ten Hag though?

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25 May 2022 08:35:40
Why Tim?

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25 May 2022 12:11:55
From what I’ve seen of him he’s not really high energy or good at the press. Maybe I’m wrong but we’ve been linked for 3 seasons now and nothing. Is he a club signing or what the manager wants? That’s what I’m getting at.

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25 May 2022 12:36:11
On the brink of becoming another Wesley Sneijeider this one…….

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25 May 2022 12:36:45
I agree Tim_99.
I have watched him 3-4 times this year and he's isn't a high energy player and doesn't press.
I think he would find the pace extremely difficult in the Premier League.
Just my personal opinion but i would stay well clear, it's not the type of player we need.

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25 May 2022 13:39:27
So eth has final say that's been made public and very clear.
Who do you think knows better on what eth needs? I would suggest he does.
If he sanctions a bid for any player then I'm sure he knows how he plans to use him.
Same goes for his coaching team.
Opinions are all well and good informed opinions are usually best.
I like sms I think he is a great player tehnically and has great physical attributes but he is not quick especially.
I will support any new signings and staff I don't pretend to know better than ETH.
Lots of crazy rumours and most are untrue but 1 thing is for sure no player will be signed without eth approval so let's not second guess everything too much. After all we are the real amatures not those in charge.

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25 May 2022 15:18:53
Is it a football team or a 100m relay team we talking about? what's this obsession about being fast? He knows how to play football and i think he knows it bloody well and that is enough. Was Scholes ever fast?

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25 May 2022 15:19:25
For once I agree with one of your opinions Ken 😉.

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25 May 2022 15:59:09
Seems like Italian media talk. It’s the same as last year and year before. Like the above post it’s turning into another sneijder/ gaitan.

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25 May 2022 16:14:11
Was just thinking the same fireman, I agree with Ken!

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